Top Ten Best Types of Schools


The Top Ten

1 High School


High school SUCKED for me - railfan99

Homestly this is great, I'm in PEI, the internationnal program of Dorval-JeanXXIII, a great school in Montreal's Dorval District, High School rocks!

Homework that will wreck people's backs?
Stupid popular girls who are pretty much the school's Nazi party?
Annoying "class clowns" who make WAY too many annoying jokes about *a guys you know what*?

Yay! Sounds like fun.

2 University/College

Should be number 1!

-classes get cancelled
-you get breaks between classes
-teachers sometimes let you leave class early
-teachers are sometimes late
-sometimes when you are late the teachers don't mind
-absences don't require written notes, just email the teacher and they're OK with it
-no assigned seats
-no immature people
-they sometimes give out free stuff to students
-summer break starts in May instead of June
-classes are 2 days a week not 5
-you get access to school supplies anytime
-printing/using the copy machine is allowed
-vending machines
-no uniforms required
-jackets allowed in cold weather
-you can bring laptops and iPads to school
-you can access computer labs anytime
-teachers sometimes bring food for students

Far better, you don't need to deal with routine work. This should be number one, not two. - 4Noobs

3 Primary School
4 Elementary School
5 Junior High School
6 Military School
7 Obedience School

This must suck.Preschool is much better

8 Pre-School
9 No School
10 Trade School
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