The Ten Types of Sitcom Characters

Sitcoms used to be good. They brought you clean and witty humor, introduced a problem you may have already encountered, implored on how to solve it, and concluded by teaching you a moral. Then there's today's sitcoms. These shows have become so repetitive that you can use a simple formula to discern how an episode's plot will play out. It's also become very easy to see a pattern among the main characters of modern sitcoms. With no further ado, I present to you the ten types of sitcom characters.

The Top Ten

1 The Genius
2 The Idiot

funny - PeeledBanana

3 The Troublemaker

Lol that's me

4 The Athlete
5 The Boyfriend/Girlfriend
6 The Hothead

This character just can't keep his or her temper in check! - TehBoss

7 The Jerk

The jerk is different from the hothead. While the hothead is usually an accomplice of the main character, the jerk is always an enemy of the character. Of course, that's what they want you to think--until the show's writer pulls you out from under the rug and shows that the guy or gal isn't such a jerk after all. Wow! What an unexpected plot twist! - TehBoss

8 The Fashionista

This character is almost always a female. The name pretty much speaks for itself. - TehBoss

9 The Disappearing Act

This entry requires some explanation. Occasionally, a new character will be introduced in an episode. The character may come back for a few episodes, or (s)he may not. Then the character disappears. They are never seen or talked about on the show again, but you still clearly remember the character. - TehBoss

10 The Quirky One

This is character is so quirky, it's not even funny. Seriously. Sitcoms aren't as funny as they once were. - TehBoss

The Contenders

11 The Dumb Blonde

Often used in a lot of today's sitcoms.

12 The Granola Girl

So sick of this type and gives girls a bad rep. Not all of them are vegan, bratty daughters with overprotective parents. Doggone it.

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