Top 10 Types of Snapchat Streaks

The Top Ten

1 The world record opener

That person who opens your snaps before you even leave the screen, usually 5-10 seconds after you send it. - yaygiants16

2 The close friend

That person who you regularly talk to and communicate with outside of streaks (there’s usually more than one). - yaygiants16

3 The explicit venter

That person who vents on a paragraph about a specific person, name-dropping and everything. - yaygiants16

4 The shade thrower

That person who says just a few words throwing shade at someone, keeping them nameless. This could be because they have a streak with the one they’re hinting at, or they just don’t want to risk drama. - yaygiants16

5 The total stranger

That person who you don’t know in real life, or maybe added by accident, that you still have streaks with. - yaygiants16

6 The “S” / black screen

That person who never takes any pictures of anything but total darkness, and with a bare minimal “S” drawn. This is a more common one. - yaygiants16

7 The motivator

That person who takes advantage of daily messages to motivate others. - yaygiants16

8 The amnesiac

That person who sends streaks, then about 30 minutes later sends more streaks, somehow forgetting just how recent they sent the first streaks. - yaygiants16

9 The hoe

That girl who’s almost always sending streaks of herself half naked in a mirror. - yaygiants16

10 The streak you’re always losing

That person who- wait, this is self-explanatory. - yaygiants16

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