Top 10 Best Types of Students to Have as a Best Friend

Whatever the levels you currently attained, what type of student do you want to relate with?

The Top Ten

1 Top Achiever
2 Music Lover

I really like Celldweller.He is a music artists that combines Electronic Dance Music with aggressive but not too extreme genres of Rock and Metal and he adds a touch if orchestra music.You should check out his songs.He is the best.-LitSavage

That’s me. I’m obsessed with Halsey, and my best friend is obsessed with BTS. Then my other best friend isn’t really interested in music.

Depends on the type.
There's the mainstream ones.
There's the pop-punk ones.
There's the metal ones.
There's the hipster ones.
And even some K-Pop ones thrown in there. - djpenquin999

3 Fashionista
4 Creative Artist
5 Promising Actor/Actress
6 Future Entrepreneur
7 Pageant-Material Royalty
8 Kindhearted Person
9 Class Comedian
10 Most Valuable Player

They are the opposite of me.

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