Top Ten Types of Teachers

Teachers are supposed to be grumpy old so and sos but they aren't really

The Top Ten

1 Ones Who Give You Sweets When You Do Well

Around Halloween in college my teachers would bring candy to class to bribe students do participate. If they answer questions right the teacher would give them a piece of candy.

Later we all got to take any leftover candy home.

I feel like it helps kids want to do better in school. - 3DG20

2 Ones Who Play Bingo at the Start of Every Lesson As a Warm Up
3 Ones Who Don't Talk to You Like You Are a Baby
4 Ones Who Teach Well and Aren't Very Strict

This would be my favorite type of teacher.

5 Ones Who Dismiss You Early

Many colleges have teachers do this. This is why college is better than public schools.

6 Ones Who Give You Fun Lessons Rather Than Boring Ones

I haved this history thecher he was talking about WW2 he let us talk in class as long as its in the subject quitet and listen to the techer and the best of all we haved a 10 minutes Q&A about the leeson and we the ruseltes were amazing from 20 classmetes 12 got A 6 B and 2 C it was great

7 Ones Who Are Understanding About Homework

They know how stressful homework can be so they try to help us deal with it in a way that we don't have to stress out over it all week long. For example, in middle school I had a Spanish teacher who lists the entire week's homework on the board for the class. She tells us that if we want to, we can do it all on Monday night then we don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week.

I wish I could do an entire week's worth of homework in a day for EVERY class that I had.

8 Ones Who Always Look On the Positive Side of Things
9 Ones Who Are Friendly Towards Children

We need more of these

10 Ones Who Seem to Enjoy Teaching

The Contenders

11 Ones Who Cancels Class

College teachers do this

12 Ones Who are Cruel to Students

Eg. the mean and strict ones

13 Ones Who Never Give Out Tests or Quizzes

Some of my college teachers are like this. I love those teachers because I don't have to study or review, just do my homework.

The only downside is that my Asian parents will STILL force me to study despite the facts that there are no tests or quizzes to study for :(

14 Ones Who Bring Food in for Their Students
15 Ones Who are Always Late
16 Ones Who Let Their Students Watch Movies the Entire Class Period
17 Ones Who Have a Great Sense of Humor
18 Ones Who Shows Cartoons to Their Class
19 Ones Who Allow You to Talk at the End of the Class
20 Ones Who Let Students Do Whatever They Want

When I was in high school we had a period called "graderoom" where kids can basically do whatever they want. They can study, do homework, draw on the teacher's whiteboards, and even use the teacher's computer!


21 Ones Who Never Give Out Homework
22 Ones Who are Forgiving of Their Students

Once I accidentally broke my high school special ed teacher's wii. It fell on the floor and shattered into pieces. I told her what happened. I expected her to yell and scream at me for carelessness since I had a history if her being mean to me, but she actually FORGAVE me. I was actually quite surprised at her reaction.

23 Teachers Who Like Jokes
24 Ones who brings in food for their students
25 Teachers Who Don’t Care If You Eat in Class
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