Top Ten Types of Tool/Utility Apps

Looking for important apps and have no idea where to look? From converter apps, to translator apps; here, we list the top ten types of apps classified under the tools category on the play store.

The Top Ten Types of Tool/Utility Apps

Unit Converter Apps

Having a unit converter app is a vital recommendation to have as they are often if not always helpful under many circumstances in a daily basis whether it's cooking, studying, certain careers, and/or for multiple everyday tasks; used specifically for measuring certain things, especially very useful for monetary conversions when travelling to various countries. These types of apps are often versatile & user friendly. - illusion

Calculator Apps

Stuck on a situation requiring math problem, or generally weak on maths? A calculator app is a way to go, as everyone has and knows the uses of the calculator, most of it is pretty self-explanatory. There are also some types of calculators considered extremely versatile, handy at various situations; the all-in-one calculator is an example of a vital app useful for financial, convertion, everyday tasks and covers almost everything on the STEM subjects. - illusion

VPN Apps

VPN Apps are an essential for not only security, identity and privacy protection, but useful for gaining access from blocked websites in your country. For starters, Nord, Thunder or PIA are recommended VPN providers; based on experience, these providers generally have reliability and good customer support. - illusion

VPNs are useful if you're behind a restrictive firewall (such as at school) or if you want to evade a ban in a chatroom or a site, but keep in mind that your VPN provider can still see your browsing activity. For maximum privacy, use Tor browser.

Wifi Analyzer Apps

These apps provide generally useful, detailed network related information, such as troubleshooting, signal strength scale, especially useful for analyzing/discovering congested areas and other signals; comes in handy for those who have network knowledge. - illusion

Levelling Apps

Referring to Bubble Level Apps; simple and very easy to use, but incredibly useful & accurate when it comes to levelling things, especially goes well for frames and for various common household products. - illusion

QR/Barcode Scanner Apps

Generally extremely easy to use. Effective when it comes to identifying/discovering varieties of products, websites as well providing useful information when scanning QR/barcodes. Whether you're searching a product and information, having a scanner installed in your phone is considerable. - illusion

Antivirus Apps

It's known that most phones today have a built-in anti-virus, but for extra layer protection, having an extra antivirus is always a good idea; not only an antivirus app has scanning/malware removal features, some also are capable of clearing unnecessary files, speeding device performance, and boosting battery charge speed; also providing features preventing thieves from accessing your device. - illusion

Translator Apps

Whether you're speaking to an individual who communicates with a different language, or learning a different language(s), they come as generally useful in many situations. It's self-explanatory how a translator works. - illusion

Compass Apps

A rather simple but useful app if planning to go backpacking/hiking or certain related activities; a compass app is a useful essential to keep back in track just in case you're off the trails and lost somewhere. However, some apps often need calibration. - illusion

Device Finder Apps

Primarily designed for finding lost devices in certain situations, but is also useful specifically for tracking a friend/relative's approximate location, it is considered vital especially when going at further locations and ensuring the person tracking to is safe. - illusion

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