Top Ten Types of TopTenners

The Top Ten

1 Those who mostly restrict themselves to making lists on music and making comments on music lists only

This used to be me. I've branched out, however. - PetSounds

I'm kinda like that. - ShyChick

gem cloven - Nateawesomeness

I used to do this. I used to only go on 1 list and make lists about music, now I make nonsense lists. I’m not sure if that’s a very good transformation.

2 Those who mostly restrict themselves to the newest page and make comments on newest lists only

And yes. I just made the most common and irritating grammar mistake. I'm sorry, sue me. - keycha1n

I belong to this category. - Kiteretsunu

Yep! I never browse the old stuff unless their in the related lists tab! I guess I'm just lazy :P - keycha1n

3 Those who make lists on Movies
4 Those who frequently make the User Ranking Lists

What's next?
Best Users Shorter Than 5'6"?
Best Users With Hot Siblings?
Best Users Who Only Like Calamari After It Has Been Boiled With A Skillet And Has Danced The Foxtrot? - PositronWildhawk

It sometimes make you really sad not to be inn the top 10 - simpsondude

To be honest, I think a lot of these are made only to flatter.

EDIT: Britgirl, hhjj, and I are all shorter than 5'6", but I'm not sure about the other categories, PW. - PetSounds

5 Those who regularly visit miscellaneous lists
6 Those who make Games lists
7 Those who only make lists to improve their stats
8 Those who mostly make comments on lists made by the TopTenners whom they follow
9 Those who make anime lists
10 Those who troll

The Contenders

11 The kind underrated users
12 Hypocritical users
13 Users that retired
14 Inactive users
15 Users that have no lists/comments/remixes/etc.,just a blank profile page
16 Users that have crushes on other users
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