Kinds Of TopTenners! (And How They Would Get Banned)

Inspired by TheFourthWorld.

Hello everyone! It’s lovefrombadlands and today (well, actually a few days ago), I saw an excellent post by TheFourthWorld an it was kinds of stereotypes. Well, I’m going to make kinds of TopTenners! Also, this post is in no way insulting any users and none of these were based on specific users except for bad music critic is based on me. It’s also a really unrealistic joke. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

The Noob
“I’m 3 and I joined some weird website, what do I do? Let’s take a look at some lists I guess. Wait, how do you look for lists? What do you do? I hope the magical admin fairy can save the day and bring me to a list!” said Rose. “Magical admin fairy? You are banned for insulting me!” admin yelled and banned Rose, but she wasn’t even 12 anyway.

Person Who Tries Too Hard To Seem Like They Are Old Enough
“I’m so cool now! I’m 13! Wait...what do 13 year olds do? What if admin can tell I’m 7! I have an idea!” Cally said and began typing a comment on the list Best Songs Of 2017. “Heaven In Hiding reminds me of my 13th birthday! I’m 13!” When admin was approving the comment, he got suspicious, so he looked up Cally’s full name and saw that she was 7, so he banned her from TheTopTens.

Good Music Critic
“It looks like a new album is out by Halsey! I’m excited to review it!” Allie said.
- 10 hours later -
The best, most detailed review ever was created. Then, admin was going through posts to make them HQ, and he came across Allie’s review of Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. He read all of the comments that say “best review ever” and he was upset because the review was better than his content, so he banned Allie.

Bad Criticism
One day, Lana was browsing TheTopTens and she came across a list called Top 10 Signs You Give Bad Criticism. She was upset because she did every single thing on that list, so she decided to “criticize” the list. She called it the worst list and said that the creator of the list was the worst person in the entire universe. Admin thought it was very mean, so he banned her.

Bad Music Critic
One fine afternoon, a music artist released an album, so Lia decided to review it. She overused the same two words over and over again to describe the songs, and the review was horrible. Admin decided that the review was garbage and a disgrace to TheTopTens, so Lia got banned.

Self Centered User
Ariana was browsing her computer and she saw a website called “TheTopTens.” She decided to make an account, and she thought she would be the best, so she called her account “ImTheBestUserEverFollowMeRightThisSecondOrYouWillGetBanned.” Then, she found the best users list. She was so angry that she was not 1, she was not even on the list. She angrily added herself with the comment “I AM BETTER THAN EVERY USER! NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME!” Her comment got 23 thumbs down, so she decided to make a list called “Reasons Why ImTheBestUserEverFollowMeRightThisSecondOrYouWillGetBanned is Better Than the People who Thumbs Downed Her Comment.” Admin did not accept the list, and Ariana realized she had no followers! She sent a message to admin that said “BAN EVERYONE BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T FOLLOW ME!” Admin decided he would ban Ariana.

Popular TopTenner
Claire was a very popular user. She had 800 followers. One day, someone found admin’s password and decided that they wanted to be the most popular user on thetoptens, so they made a post called “Me.” It said: “I hacked the administrator and I need to be the most popular user in the entire universe! If you have more followers than me, I will use my administrator banning powers which I definitely know how to use and ban you!” Everybody unfollowed admin, and everyone got banned. When admin logged back into his account, he wondered why no one was online, and why he had no followers. Then, he saw the post. Luckily, new users joined, but they were all bad.

Nice User

It was a boring spring day. The sun wasn't shining. The birds fell off of cliffs. Cami received a message on her favorite website, TheTopTens. She was 1 on nicest users. The message said "You are the kindest user I have ever met." Cami was getting bored, so she replied "I know." The person was very surprised, so they flagged the message. Admin was confused, so he decided to send Cami a message to see what was happening. It said "Hey, Cam Cam." Cami was so angry. She replied "WORST HORRIBLE ADMINISTRATOR HOW DARE YOU CALL ME MY LEAST FAVORITE NAME!" Admin decided that the user was right. Cami deserved to get banned. Turns out she was only 1 on nicest users because she made 456 backup accounts that remixed her at 1.

So, I didn't do that many types, but this actually took me a long time to make. I know I haven't made a post in quite some time, but my content is bad, so no one really cares. I can do part 2 if you want.



You can do part 2. This was fun to read. Also, I find it really flattering that you were inspired by me. Hooray! A user was inspired by me! lol - TheFourthWorld

"the birds fell off the cliffs"
They were bird statues.
I think. Maybe.

Funny post, though. - mattstat716