Top 10 Types of Typical People on Deviantart


The Top Ten

1 Bronies Bronies

Some of them are good except the ones who send death treats and draw porn - Mranonymously

I love their fanart (not to mention clop)

They are cool :P - Neonco31

I'm One - JPK

2 Cartoon Fetish Art

*pukes* - BlazingParasol

I don't care about their art that much. I just don't know why people make a fuss over it.


3 Anime Fans
4 Furries

Some of them are good except the ones who draw porn and ''yiff'' - Mranonymously

5 Non-Animation Haters
6 Pokesonas
7 Nintendo fanboys
8 Valve Fanboys
9 Undertale Fans Undertale Fans

They are still a thing in 2018 I just wonder why din't this fanbase died - Mranonymously

No! They don't respect opinions.

Undertale fans rock! - TwilightKitsune

10 Cartoon Network Fans

The Contenders

11 Fangirls

I don't have DeviantArt and I don't want to but if I did, I would make bad art and talk about Halsey all the time. I would probably be everyone's least favorite user.

12 Pedophiles Pedophiles

There was a 30 year old man who shipped himself with a 10 year old girl on DA once. His art was cringeworthy and he got lots of hate - Lunala

13 Animal Jam Fursonas
14 Phan Trash
15 Sonic Fans
16 Vore Fetishes
17 Fetishists

They should keep them to themselves - Mranonymously

18 Steven Universe Fans
19 Johnny Test Haters
20 Weeaboos
21 Lion King Fandom
22 HTTYD Fans
23 Fanboy and Chum Chum/Sitcom Haters
24 Crossover creators
25 Cartoon Character Mashups/Morphers
26 Diaper Lovers
27 Cosplayers Cosplayers
28 Disney Fans
29 Sexists Sexists
30 Adult Man Babies
31 Lazy People Who Categorize Everything Together and Callout "Artwork"
32 Photoshoppers
33 Bikini Lovers
34 Brogres

If only there was a shrek version so these things just leave deviantart.

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