Top Ten Best Types of YouTube Videos

The Top Ten Best Types of YouTube Videos

1 Pranks

Pranks are horrible you can kill people you know


I almost got arrested fRom pRanking the cops - AlphaQ

No, this is the worst kind - 445956

2 Funniest Laughs

Sjw crige compilations, for example

3 Let's Play

Pranks are fake! - GREATEST

Why is Pranks at No. 1?

4 Comedy

Nigahiga, TomSka, jacksfilms, Smosh, these guys that take the time to entertain, don't force comedy down your throat, and are amazing at it.

Good mythical morning has nailed this topic legit

Comedy makes my laugh but somehow it’s strange

5 Embarrassing Incidents
6 Music Videos

Watching a scene while listening the relevant song is relaxing. Now I go on to Youtube just to watch these, not pewdiepie or other gaming channels - MChkflaguard_Yt

7 Stunts
8 Funniest Bad Auditions
9 Makeup Tutorials
10 Try Not to Laugh

The Contenders

11 Classic Game Shows and TV Theme Songs
12 Band / Artist Interviews

I enjoy this type of YouTube video a lot learning aboot my favorites artists and bands - Curti2594

I really enjoy theses you learn a lot aboot your fave band/artists - Curti2594

13 Vlogs
14 Educational

Matthew Santoro, anyone? - Merilille

15 Animals

That footage of Benjamin, the last thylacine, is amazing! What a beautiful animal! RIP Benjamin.

Only post animals in a try not to laugh list - Nateawesomeness

I always die after watching cat vines,so cute! - SamuiNeko

Those aRe TRaSH! - AlphaQ

16 Porn

Who added this? Seriously. - AGK

I thought porn is disallowed on YouTube...

Another teenage pervert added this.

Once again, not allowed on YouTube. - GREATEST

17 Animations

Animation? More like abomination. - N3GAT1V3

Animator vs Animation, Battle for Dream Island, the list goes on. - SoaPuffball

18 Fails
19 Internet Challenges
20 Taste Tests
21 Funniest Cries
22 Behind the Scenes
23 Reaction Videos

Charmx is good

Why? They suck

24 Documentaries

I love these - blackflower

25 Gaming

Sometimes the games are way too fast-paced and/or hard and seeing other people's reactions and opinions to your favourite games can be interesting.

Worst type of videos on youtube, also the most pointless. Why watch someone play a video game, when you can play it on your own? - MChkflaguard_Yt

Gaming on YT has literally become an occupation now - Mcgillacuddy

I made a video called how to play any game on your calculator
what I didn't mention on my video title was u needed imagination - lolingdog9000

26 Trick Shots
27 Movie Reviews
28 Parodies
29 Unboxing

My favourite youtube channel unboxes pokemon cards :P - Lunala

30 Vines
31 News
32 MLG Compilations

A troll probably put this here. MLG is cringe.

33 How-To Videos
34 DIYs

Like Alan tutorials! - gemcloben

35 Remixes
36 Revealing Hoaxes
37 Fashion Tips
38 Travel Clips

I like Vegas and NYC videos

39 Life Hacks
40 Reviews

Caddicarus is the very pinnacle of this category! Check out his channel! - GREATEST

Pranks suck.

41 YouTube Poop

The best things. - AlphaQ

Cs188 is the best!

42 Minecraft
43 Speedpaint
44 Sparta Remixes
45 True Stories
46 Social Experiments
47 Babies
48 Sports Plays
49 Giveaways
50 Lyric Videos
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