Top Ten Best Types of YouTube Videos

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Pranks are horrible you can kill people you know


I almost got arrested fRom pRanking the cops - AlphaQ

No, this is the worst kind - 445956

Funniest Laughs

Sjw crige compilations, for example

Let's Play

Pranks are fake!

Embarrassing Incidents
Music Videos

Watching a scene while listening the relevant song is relaxing. Now I go on to Youtube just to watch these, not pewdiepie or other gaming channels - MChkflaguard_Yt

Funniest Bad Auditions
Try Not to Laugh
Makeup Tutorials
Classic Game Shows and TV Theme Songs

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Band / Artist Interviews

I enjoy this type of YouTube video a lot learning aboot my favorites artists and bands - Curti2594

I really enjoy theses you learn a lot aboot your fave band/artists - Curti2594


Matthew Santoro, anyone? - Merilille


That footage of Benjamin, the last thylacine, is amazing! What a beautiful animal! RIP Benjamin.

Only post animals in a try not to laugh list - Nateawesomeness

I always die after watching cat vines,so cute! - SamuiNeko

Those aRe TRaSH! - AlphaQ


Who added this? Seriously. - AGK

I thought porn is disallowed on YouTube...

Another teenage pervert added this.

Once again, not allowed on YouTube. - GREATEST


Animation? More like abomination. - N3GAT1V3

Animator vs Animation, Battle for Dream Island, the list goes on. - SoaPuffball

Internet Challenges
Taste Tests
Funniest Cries
Behind the Scenes

Sometimes the games are way too fast-paced and/or hard and seeing other people's reactions and opinions to your favourite games can be interesting.

Worst type of videos on youtube, also the most pointless. Why watch someone play a video game, when you can play it on your own? - MChkflaguard_Yt

Gaming on YT has literally become an occupation now - Mcgillacuddy

I made a video called how to play any game on your calculator
what I didn't mention on my video title was u needed imagination - lolingdog9000

Reaction Videos

Charmx is good

Why? They suck


I love these - blackflower

Trick Shots
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