Top Ten Types of YouTubers

YouTube, everyone's favourite website that's probably going to die!

The Top Ten

1 The "I like stirring drama because of views" guy

This describes The Amazing Atheist. He tries too hard to sound controversial because he is desperate for more views and subscribers. Instead of talking about issues calmly and thoughtfully, he whines. There is nothing intelligent about his videos and most of his arguments sound stupid. He has no talent besides insulting people who disagree with him. This YouTuber is nothing but an immature and close-minded attention whore.

2 The "You're all moneywhores" guy
3 The "I'm so original" guy
4 The "Look at me I'm a survival expert" guy
5 The "I stopped swearing for my audiences" guy

With the amount of young people watching YouTubers, this accurately sums up most of them.

6 The "You're just jealous of my success" guy
7 The "I may have killed people and rob banks but I did it for you people" guy
8 The "Ive got red hair" guy
9 The ones who say "Darude-Sandstorm".
10 The "Look at my new channels for all of you to eat that off" guy

The Contenders

11 The ones who can't spell
12 The "Look at my new toys "guy
13 The ones who have to say the first comment
14 The "Why pick on me, I'm innocent!" guy
15 Trolls
16 The ones who use overused and old memes
17 The ones who use MLG lingo on every single comment
18 The ones who say "thumbs up!"
19 Let's players
20 Logo fans
21 The kids channel YouTubers
22 The "Give me money to make me a statue" guy
23 The "Look at the amount of jumpcuts I did" guy
24 The ones who send death threats
25 The "Bless your face, If you sneezed during This video, Bless you! PEACE OUT" guy
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