Top 10 Typical Things from East Germany

The Top Ten


Gotta love those cars - CerealGuy


A cute traffic street guy - CerealGuy


A cartoon which is puppet animation promoting socialism and putting East German to bed before the Catholic prostitute and Pedobear comes - CerealGuy

National People's Army

It was the best army in the Warsaw Pact other than the Soviet Union and strongest in Central Europe - CerealGuy


It is a Berlin T.V. tower that I like to shove it up on your ass - CerealGuy


It would be safe with ya without passing to the wall - CerealGuy

VEB Robotron

It was a computer... old computer better than Windows *sarcasm* - CerealGuy


Soviet Union was the strangest country I've ever heard - BorisRule

Vita Cola

The Contenders

Free German Youth

So your telling me to free those Germans? - CerealGuy

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