Top Ten Typical Types People at School

The Top Ten Typical Types People at School

1 Nerds

Yo, nobody can mess with the nerd... they're relatable, kind, smart, funny (wether you're laughing at or with them), and are very easily popular in many different ways. NERDS RULE

They'll always be the the best!

They NEVER gossip or do something that makes others feel bad. They are kind and smart. If you don't believe in MY opinion, then I'm sorry but I HAVE to choose the nerds.

I am a huge nerd about everything school-related, thank you very much!

2 Populars

I was the one who commented that I was an angry popular girl. I'm no longer popular. Why? I just got bored of being with them because I wasn't really being myself like I am now.

The type I want to slap the most

I'm a popular girl, and I have to agree with this one. Some popular girls are such annoying gossips! Hell, I was a popular gossip girl, and now I'm just an angry popular girl.

Kids who really are too cool and should get out of school

3 Artists

AYY everyone asks us to do the creative stuff for them hehe
heads up to all of us artists!

Nerds, but cool.
Smart, and proud of it.

Am I right peeps!?
I'm totally an art kid.

a mix of cool and emo.

THe best one

Ok at school when we are meant to do work I get paper and just draw then the teacher comes to me and get it and puts in the bin be I get it back lol

I'm a middle school student and I draw a LOT in class and my friends like my art (usually I draw Furries and random things) I draw when I'm done my work in class I have a doodle book

4 Stalkers

As a athlete myself I have to agree with some of these, not all of us are rude though. We don't really swear or put others down..

Some stalkers are harmless and simply have a hard time understanding social norms and want to talk to people.

Others are dangerous.

It's worst when they stalk you to get your info and then
Be exactly like you.

They are evi

5 Star Athlete

I am a athlete and I am the captain of my hockey team but there is a guy on my football team that steals my thunder I just went through a break up 2 weeks ago because my girlfriend was cheating on me with him but to bad for him cause I kicked him

Ironically, the person you most want to punch in the face.

I hate the, like for example their could be somone who gets clapped at when all they can do is run then they get called fastest person in school even though my friends are faster then them and when it comes to gym they hog the left side or the inner side while you try to outpace them on the outside area I hate these people!

Hate these people... they are very snooty and often they have disgusting habits and swear. They also have no respect to nerds and people who just fail at sports like once when I want to have lunch with one of these in a classy restaurant during school lunch time HE RAN FAST AND LEFT ME ALONE! :(

6 Thug

Who would even want to be one of these? They always end up either in jail or on The Jeremy Kyle Show in ten years' time.

Nah more like the normal thugs

I think I'm one but I'm not

I'm a big ass thug

7 Quiet

I won't talk to people that I haven't met before, and I just keep my head down

I'm quet and wont talk to people I don't know normmaly just loud with my family also intrevert

I am quiet, I am kind of like a tsundere I am cold and quiet toward others, but my friends it is different because I know them.

That's probably me. I'm called quiet and awkward often, but I'm actually really okay with that! I'd much rather be known as quiet than rude and annoying! I guess I'm pretty lucky considering that some girls are known as jerks or selfish. I feel bad for them getting called names behind their backs, but I'm glad it's not really me.

8 Band Kids

WoW I have found thyself. I'm such a Band Kid, but I'm kinda both of The Quiet kid and the Band Kid. I play da flute. YEY!

Band is what gives me hope in school.

Reason I go To School

That's me!
I play the alto saxophone in band and it's the best thing ever!

9 Geeks

In kinda a need to lol so I'm a random besides jerk but this is a cool site

I am a geek and I am proud of it.I love everything about school and like being popular which I am both so yeah 😘😇😝

10 Prego

There's a couple of 8th graders that I think are pregnant at my school. All I know is that my school has a lot of pregnant kids especially at high school. It gotten so bad all the kids in other schools sartrd to call my school "Pregoland"

Pregnant at like 16

The Contenders

11 Crushee

People who have crushes 24/7

I have a crush on James from The Next Step lol


Me. always me

12 Video Gamers

I'm a video gamer but I'm a girl so guys tend to be very social towards me but my other friends are kinda weirded out by all the games I play for instance Minecraft they get so annoyed when I play

Been there, done that, practically run the gaming world. My uncle makes computer games!

That's the type of people my squad is!

My school is overflowing with them.

13 Mean Girls

I'm surprised that mean girls are the popular ones.

I hope I don't encounter one

I am a mean girl

This girl called Shaye made fun of me for being a shy girl and short. And she glared at me a lot.

If you're reading this shaye (the one who made fun of me) you know who you are, Height Hitler! Now you can’t glare at me because I moved schools

14 Emos

Help I'm so emo

I’m a emo and you’ll probably hear me blast music

15 Tomboys

Tomboys are cool.

Tomboys are awesome! Drama free forever!

That's me ya bois!

So am I

16 Autistic Kids

People NEED to stop pushing out autistic kids! Is kindness really that hard? And yes, sometimes they will get upset... But please just be sensitive. When you get to know them, they are really nice and fun to be around!

People need to stop being jerks to autistic kids. There's nothing wrong with them. Their brain just works differently. I mean seriously guys. You have bullies on the worst types of people list yet your being a bully to autistic kids.

I feel bad... There's an autistic kid in school who quacks at everyone like a duck and pretends to be an anime character from Naruto and pretend to blast something at the teacher... While I do somethimes laugh (not intentionally) he gets made fun of a lot and people tease him quite often... He isn't a mean person though, but our school only has several autistic kids, not a whole lot.

There is nothing wrong with them, except for the older ones who still throw tantrums over the easiest things.

17 Teacher's Pet

Always gets their way because of the special bond with the teacher

I once had a Mean Girl Teacher's Pet in 3rd Grade. I destroyed her legacy 2 1/2 years ago, and I still have visions of her cruel, evil ways.

, these people always have no

Ok ill admit I am sort of one because 99% of my class is full of bitchy popular girls or immature boys

only a very small fraction of my classmates are worth giving a damn about

18 Outcast

What category am I in...hmm...not nerdy enough to be nerd, not shy enough to be emo, not dark enough to be goth, not gamer cause I only play Minecraft. I'm the odd1out!

Pft... depressed? I was oppressed since elementary! They are the reasons I'm becoming schizophrenic!

You laugh at us for being different. We laugh at you for being the same as everybody else.

I am an outcast.I have very few friends and they are outcasts too but they're fun.Outcasts are better than popular kids because at least we don't bully others for not being exactly like us.-DarkBoi-X

19 Goths

The best people

I was a goth. :')

20 Fangirls

I am obsessed with Taylor Swift

Lol the Taylor swift one is me

Y'all are retarded
Modern music sucks steely dan all the way

That's ALSO me!
I'm obsessed with Halsey, Twenty Øne Piløts, Maroon 5, Marina and the Diamonds, and Linkin Park!

21 Bookworms

I'm definitely a bookworm people literally call me that because whenever there's a single break I whip out my giant stack of books.

Have you read Journey To The River Sea? How about Eragon? Artemis Fowl?

I love books. I read everwhere

That is me 100%

22 Know It All

I know a lot. That's it.

I'm smart but not a know it all

I love gay

23 Jock

Some are nice, some are jerks, and some just don't understand social cues

24 Bullies

They the worst

The most common and the worst!

25 Weirdos

Weirdos aren't even weird their just unique in their own way

Me in middle school. I was the weird bird girl. Cringe. Now I am not weird. Now I am the shy girl

26 Princesses

" I'm a princess! I'm a princess! " Shut up you spoiled brat, no one cares that you're a "princess"

This happens a lot in elementary school.

Ughh princesses

27 Otakus

I get bullied because I'm a otaku but no matter what I'm always gonna be proud otaku!

Yaas but I have a friend group of otakus and am one myself

Totally me

28 Depressed/Sad Kids

I was very depressed and still am. Mostly because of my past and how my family treats me.

I used to be very depressed but I grew kinda outta it not quite.

29 Class Clowns

Most People would think butt jokes being funny ends in about 2nd grade well in 6th it is hilarious

In 7th grade apparently yelling out “Harambe” or “Donald Trump” is funny

30 Choir Groups

Music is awesome! And I love singing!

31 Annoying Stinky Immature Attention Seeker Kid Who Doesn't Shut Up

The one that follows u non stop

Exactly! -PastelSnowstorm

Sounds a lot like this boy in my class. His name is Noah and he is an absolute BRAT! He laughs when he farts, he doesn't do anything in class except for act like a 3 year old. Wait, no. 3 year olds are more intelligent than him! He is a NIGHTMARE to go to school with! He keeps getting me in trouble, and most of my friends aren't even aware of his actions! How do they sleep at night!? Only two of my friends give a dang about him and know how excruciatingly PAINFUL it is to cope with him! I think I've bitched long enough about Noah. Tomorrow is the first day of 7th grade for me. And he will still be at the school. Wish me luck. -CandyBlood13

32 Flexy Kids

There are so many at my school

33 Porn Watchers

Go to toilet stall after school have some fun

In Computer Class, I was actually doing my work.
The other kids were, not so much.
The Popular Girl bitches just watched crappy music videos (1D and all that)

34 Memers

Naw man, I'm a meme, not like those normies who don't understand anything but reddit memes, also FWI memers have different branches

I’m a dank memer, my whole school are normies except for like 2 people

35 Loners

It's not that bad if you look at a positive side, you can always have some peace and quiet (most of the time) but it's not fun nor is it cool. There isn't anyone to talk to and you're basically a ghost that gets pushed around by everyone. You're just a speck of dust that nobody knows or cares about.

36 Spoiled Kids
37 Bully Victim

NEVER EVER BULLY SOMEONE! Treat others how you want to be treated. Does a little kindness hurt?

It's what Leds to depression

38 Lazy Kids

Honestly I just want this whole thing to end and on to summerbreak

There are so many lazy kids in our school like why do you even go to school if you're just not gonna study and slack off all day?

39 Prophetic Kid

That's me

40 Narcissists
41 Ghetto Wannabes

These types of people are all around my school

42 Rule Breakers

That's so me, but not all the time, cause if I broke the rules all the time I think I would get kicked out of my house lmao.

43 Sluts

The girl who made fun of me for being short is the definition of “slut”

44 Weeaboos

I always get called a weeaboos

45 Gays

I'm not a gay or a lesbian, but I am bisexual. I actually think that gay's are pretty cute.

They are kinda cute if you ask me

I'm straight but how is this bas

46 People that play games during class
47 Class Clown

Makes everyone laugh in the middle of class

48 Nose Pickers

I had this kid in my class who ALWAYS picked his nose. Don't know if he does it anymore...

49 Immature Kids

That’s me.

50 Gangsters

Gangsters don't cry therefore therefore I'm I'm Mr Misty Eye therefore I'm I'm
Can you save?
Can you save my?
Can you save my heavydirtysoul

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