Top Ten Typically British Traits

As a proud Brit girl, I know what I'm talking about. If you come to Lovely Great Britain, you'll find all these traits and more in the Great British public.

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1 Saying Sorry

To be honest this British Trait Sounds similar to Canadians because like the Brits Canadians Will apologize for anything I think Canadians are very polite because We are friendly to all unless you make fun of us of course.

Me personally I Say Sorry too much even for things I never did! - Curti2594

Somebody once flung their arm out in my path to point something out. I bumped into their arm, and they obviously and understandably said sorry. And I also said sorry. It didn't occur to me at the time, but I wondered why I had said sorry. Hm.

I apologise (! ) we do do this a lot; especially when shopping. If someone steps on your brand new shoes YOU say sorry. If someone runs you over with their mobility scooter, YOU say sorry for being in their way. - Britgirl

Let's compare the lives of Deborah and Janet, two typical British people who are friends, and one day they go shopping in their local Asda.
Janet: *rams trolley into Deborah's left leg*
Deborah: sorry.
Janet: very sorry about that, it was totally my fault.
Deborah: don't be so silly Janet, it's fine!
Then they have a polite argument in the middle of the Asda

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2 A Stiff Upper Lip

Yes very stiff upper lip...every man for himself. Don't ask them to do something for you, they don't like to be asked, nor will they do it, they will squirm their out with an excuse

We really do have a Keep Calm and Carry On approach to life. It's the Great British way. - Britgirl

I'm always the peacekeeper. ALWAYS. - SansTheComic

See I've discovered the opposite to just getting in with it... I've found that people don't like being asked to do things for others and that rather than getting on with it, they will not do it and then moan about it for the next 30mins on thhe fact someone asked them to do it...
I don't think the English appear to have much of a keep calm and carry on approach, however much more a moan like someone just spat in your xmas dinner and it's the end of the world haha

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3 Ability to Laugh at Ourselves

We laugh at our faults. We know we're not perfect but what the hell...haha! - Britgirl

4 Sarcasm

The Brits are world-known for our sarcasm and irony. We love a bit of it. A LOT of it in fact. - Britgirl

Literally, my humor consists of 50% terrible puns, and 50% sarcasm. - SansTheComic

No, really, that's a REALLY big British trait. I see practically EVERYONE lying through their teeth humourously! Seriously, this should be number 1! - PositronWildhawk

5 Proud

SOME Brits also have a tendency to be caring, empathetic, modest, and really rather friendly, you know. - Britgirl

SOME Brits have a tendency to be proud, arrogant and critical.

Fair enough. And the others...? - Britgirl

You are sailing rather close to the wind. Just hope it changes direction before you reach British shores. :) Fat burgers? More like Murder burgers; which, by the way have nothing on good ol' fish 'n' chips. And as for "secretly adoring Americans" well...there's no argument there..we love and thank you most profusely for saving us...from chamber music ;). - Britgirl

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A long queue in Great Britain means three people in a line, waiting for something -that's how far apart we stand from each other. Think I'm joking..? - Britgirl

7 Moaning

We love a good moan - about everything. Even about how much we enjoy moaning! - Britgirl

Think they never moan but just listen to them on the underground on their phone or with friends. Always moaning about somebody... at work, in a meeting, at lunch etc.

Unsuccessful people love to moan a lot, don’t live in the UK

8 Love of Pubs

English pubs are the best in the world

I personally adore little country pubs in little villages. Sweet! - Britgirl

9 Calling People 'Love' or 'Sweetheart'

This characteristic is so charming, especially to Americans who live in the Southern states.

We do this a lot, love. We just love other people, sweetheart. - Britgirl

10 Intelligence

A lot of Brits are extremely intelligent, but hide this fact not to be considered nerds

The Contenders

11 Accent

Yup! People wants to be friends with me strictly because of my "attracting accent," as they like to call it, - SansTheComic

I love there accents

I like that accent. - PeeledBanana

12 Humour
13 Coldly Critical

I have to admit it. One of my friends is sometimes so cold that I still can't get used to it

Yes very cold

14 Friendly

I love the brits

We ARE a very friendly nation. - Britgirl

definitely - SansTheComic

15 Down To Earth

Honest, not materialistic, calm and dignified. English folks enjoy the peacefulness of nature

16 Stubbornness

Ww certainly are! We have this attitude of never giving in, even when we know in our hearts we have little or no chance of winning. We see things through to the bitter end. At least we can say "We tried our best chaps. Let's go home and have a nice cup of tea, shall we? " *Smile* - Britgirl

17 Being Totally Lovely

Aww thanks - SansTheComic

18 Gross

We are not gross! Who added this? They clearly haven't met some decent British people.

19 Class Division
20 Strong-Minded

Certainly for females compared to the rest of the world

21 Standoffish

Yes I do agree with this one.

22 Crumpet Loving

...And I adore hot buttered crumpets - sometimes with cheese. Thank you to you dear member who added this. It IS a very British trait. - Britgirl

I'm British and I do love a good crumpet

Disagree. Can't stand crumpets. - PositronWildhawk

Delicious! I also like scones

23 Rude

Nah, we're just sarcastic, and people think we're serious. - SansTheComic

24 Love of HP Sauce
25 Tea Lover

"Even if he says 'let's grab a coffee', he ended up ordered a cuppa tea. And he actually has different types of tea in his place for different time and occasions"

I love tea - SansTheComic

26 Heart
27 Beating About the Bush

So I grew up in Australia, where normal ways of communication can be seen as blunt and rude by others, but to us it's a normal, and a mutually appreciated and respected way of communication... We say things as we see it and call it what it is... However, I find that English people tip toe around the subject as to abide by the overexaggerated consensus of political correctness in order to avoid offending people...
So where an Aussie would call a spade a spade, the English will call it a fork, spoon and a knife before calling it a spade and find the aussie's 'cut to the chase' approch abit forward and offensive and that a different and more sensitive approach should be taken... Lol I think it is just what each country considers 'normal' because Aussie's don't find their straight to the point-ness offensive and we much rather the clearness in communication, and beating about the bush can seem more rude to us than actually just calling it what it is and saying what we see.

28 Saying Sorry When Someone Steps On Your Foot

I know! Someone will purposely get in my way, and I will be found saying sorry, not the other person. - SansTheComic

Why do we do this?

29 Awkward

"All the levels of self-consciousness, rivalry, and pettiness make fluid social interactions almost impossible for the British."

I have always found us to be quite awkward. Eye contact is a bad thing to do here and If you do find yourself in that Situation then mutter a ‘sorry’ to the person. (This is not meant to be offensive I am a British person and love England)

30 Gossip
31 Resilience

The Brits are a passionate and stubborn lot, and nothing can knock down their strong wills. (Says one)

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