Top Ten Typically British Traits

As a proud Brit girl, I know what I'm talking about. If you come to Lovely Great Britain, you'll find all these traits and more in the Great British public.

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21 Strong-Minded
22 Standoffish
23 Class Division
24 Beating About the Bush

So I grew up in Australia, where normal ways of communication can be seen as blunt and rude by others, but to us it's a normal, and a mutually appreciated and respected way of communication... We say things as we see it and call it what it is... However, I find that English people tip toe around the subject as to abide by the overexaggerated consensus of political correctness in order to avoid offending people...
So where an Aussie would call a spade a spade, the English will call it a fork, spoon and a knife before calling it a spade and find the aussie's 'cut to the chase' approch abit forward and offensive and that a different and more sensitive approach should be taken... Lol I think it is just what each country considers 'normal' because Aussie's don't find their straight to the point-ness offensive and we much rather the clearness in communication, and beating about the bush can seem more rude to us than actually just calling it what it is and saying what we see.

25 Heart
26 Gossip
27 Love of HP Sauce
28 Resilience

The Brits are a passionate and stubborn lot, and nothing can knock down their strong wills. (Says one)

29 Saying Sorry When Someone Steps On Your Foot

I know! Someone will purposely get in my way, and I will be found saying sorry, not the other person. - SansTheComic

Why do we do this?

30 Tea Lover

"Even if he says 'let's grab a coffee', he ended up ordered a cuppa tea. And he actually has different types of tea in his place for different time and occasions"

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