Best U.S Gymnasts Ever


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1 Simone Biles Simone Biles

Amazing talent! So much power in her tumbling, vaulting, and bar swing.

By far the best U.S gymnast ever, man or women. - morrislawes

The total package. Artistry, form, power, and no American comes close to her record.

She has the whole package. No weakness at all. If it werent for her shoulder problems she would be dynamic and amazing on bars too, rather than just excellent.

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2 Kurt Thomas

The 3rd best overall U.S gymnast ever, and 2nd best U.S male gymnast ever, after only Paul Hamm. - morrislawes

He and Mary Lou together made U.S gymnastics what it is today! They were the start. - quackerpacker

Way better than Paul. Best U.S male gymnast ever.

So good! - quackerpacker

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3 Paul Hamm

The 2nd best overall U.S gymnast ever, after only Simone Biles, and the best male U.S gymnast ever - morrislawes

Overrated. Sorry should be way lower on this list. - feisty37

Overrated thrash and a gay drunk today too. - quackerpacker

Way too high up on this list!

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4 Nastia Liukin

The 4th best overall U.S gymnast ever, and 2nd best U.S female gymnast ever, after only Simone Biles. - morrislawes

5 Shannon Miller

Overrated. 5th combining men is way too high for her in my opinion. She excelled in a weak era that was so poor Milosovici (haha) became the first women to win Olympic/World titles on all 4 apparatus. And that Gogean won 20 world/Olympic medals, including 10 golds. - feisty37

6 Mary Lou Retton
7 Julia McNamara
8 Dominique Dawes
9 Kathy Johnson
10 Shawn Johnson

Not sure why she is so low.

Good gymnast.

The Contenders

11 Chellsie Memmel

Great gymnast, such a fighter.

12 Danell Leyva

So underrated by USGA and fans, but he continues to deliver clutch performances and win many medals. - quackerpacker

13 Bart Conner

One of the original greats of U.S gymnastics.

14 Carly Patterson
15 Jonathan Horton
16 Alicia Sacramone
17 McKayla Maroney
18 Rebecca Bross
19 Kyla Ross
20 Vanessa Atler

She had no mental toughness but in sheer talent 2nd to only Biles.

21 Cathy Rigby
22 Courtney Kupets

Best NCAA career ever, following an excellent elite career.

23 Mitch Gaylord

Real best U.S gymnast of 83-84, not overhyped Vidmar. Without his fall would have won the AA in 84.

24 Jordyn Wieber
25 Aly Raisman
26 Kim Zmeskal
27 Peter Vidmar
28 Kristie Phillips
29 Phoebe Mills
30 Jamie Dantzscher
31 Elise Ray
32 Kirsten Maloney
33 Kristy Powell
34 Mohini Bhardwaj
35 Annia Hatch
36 John Roethlisberger
37 Blaine Wilson
38 Sean Townsend
39 Jason Gatson
40 Sam Mikulak
41 Trent Dimas
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1. Danell Leyva
2. Jamie Dantzscher
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1. Kurt Thomas
2. Shawn Johnson
3. Simone Biles


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