Best Uaral Songs


The Top Ten

1 Lament

Very Soft & Light Song. - RaminLp

Best Song From Uaral In 1998. (Laments 1998) - RaminLp

2 Eterno En Mi

Saddest Of All... (Laments 1998) - RaminLp

Sad,and very meaningful.

3 The Writing and the Cry...

Listen To This Song & Cry. (Laments 1998) - RaminLp

4 Sounds Of Pain

Best Song Of Uaral Band. This Music Is The Part Of The Lament Music In 1998 & The Group Have Complete It In 2005. (Sounds Of Pain 2005) - RaminLp

The Best Forever <3
When play the last part of music I would be pretty DeAd!

5 Surrendered to the Decadence (Part II)

Have A Nice Singing With Guitar. (Laments 1998) - RaminLp

6 Surrended To The Decadence

Have A Nice Voice From Uaral. (Sounds Of Pain 2005) - RaminLp

7 Eternal Beauty Of Trees

Have A Fast Music & You Love It. (Sounds Of Pain 2005) - RaminLp

8 Depression

Very Very Beautiful Song. (Sounds Of Pain 2005) - RaminLp

9 Lamentos A Poema Muerto

A Song Of Newest Album Of Group. (Lamentos A Poema Muerto 2007) - RaminLp

Soft music but beautifully performed.LOVE IT!

10 Niche

This Song Is The Happiest Song Of The Group. (Sounds Of Pain 2005) - RaminLp

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