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1 Doctor Doctor

This is the intro song to most, if not all Iron Maiden shows. - IronSabbathPriest

A great song, Iron Maiden also liked it and did a cover. - Metal_Treasure

2 Only You Can Rock Me
3 Rock Bottom

One of the greatest solos ever!


4 Lights Out


5 Profession of Violence
6 Too Hot to Handle
7 High Flyer
8 Let It Roll
9 Try Me
10 Boogie for George

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11 Mother Mary
12 Love to Love
13 Natural Thing
14 I'm a Loser

So many great songs by UFO but I picked this because of the crescendo of the tune. UFOs songs in general specialized in the buildup of their songs. The vocals were great and clear and not drowned out by the other instruments. The guitar work especially by Michael Schenker was my all time favorite in all of rock.The drums and base were hard driving and pushed the songs forward. I believe they are the most underrated rock band. Bands like deep purple at least have my woman from tokyo still being played and blue oyster cult has Godzilla,don't fear the reaper and burnin' for you. Thin lizzy has a couple of songs still being played as do most of the others on the top ten list. UFO maybe has rock bottom and even that is becoming a rarity. Those of us who know better still rock out with UFO.

15 Shoot Shoot
16 Out In the Street
17 Born to Lose
18 Long Gone
19 Blinded by a Lie
20 When It's Time to Rock
21 Too Young to Know
22 Oh My
23 Give Her the Gun
24 C'mon Everybody
25 This Kid's
26 Love Lost Love
27 Highway Lady
28 On With the Action
29 Gettin' Ready
30 Electric Phase
31 Just Another Suicide
32 Alone Again Or
33 Pack It Up (And Go)
34 Ain't No Baby
35 Lookin' Out for No. 1
36 One More for the Rodeo
37 Cherry
38 You Don't Fool Me
39 Hot 'N' Ready
40 Mystery Train
41 Young Blood
42 No Place to Run
43 Lettin' Go
44 Couldn't Get It Right
45 Lonely Heart
46 The Writer
47 Let It Rain
48 Doing It All for You
49 We Belong to the Night
50 Diesel In the Dust
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1. Only You Can Rock Me
2. Profession of Violence
3. High Flyer
1. Lights Out
2. Rock Bottom
3. Doctor Doctor
1. Doctor Doctor
2. Love to Love
3. Rock Bottom

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