Ugliest AFL players

Being a champion football player usually comes with big muscles, lots of money and good looks. But sometimes the latter of those doesn't apply to a number our favourite players...

The Top Ten

1 Cameron Ling

This man might look a bit ugly but such a legend 2007 all Australian,2004 best and fairest and has been top five so many times, captain of geelong leading to this year flag, 3 time premiership player, 2 time nab cup and this season in 2011 he has been a joy to watch with his blue colour application to the game tagging champs in the afl asses of like judd, bolten, thompson, pendlebur and swan in the grand final he held him to 20 disposals with just 35% efficiency and he snapped the sealer and 20 disposals him self what 13 contested such a legend. Kicked 19 goals in the 2011 season and had over 550 disposals for the 6 consecutive year champ

His red hair seems to match his red face whenever he's been running around the field as he does. His average 23 possesions a game is often overlooked as people cannot take they're eyes off his extraordinarily ugly face. - wainboy

Yeah, I quite like the filters you can get on it, what's your favourite filter?

Ronald Mcdonald

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2 Jarryd Roughead Jarryd Roughead Jarryd Roughead is a professional Australian rules footballer playing for the Hawthorn Football Club in the Australian Football League.

Hey Jarryd, when you smile you say 'cheese', not "durr" - wainboy

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3 Fraser Gehrig

because makes his the best when he kicks goals but hess a big freak,

Wouldn't want to bump into this one in a dark alley... one ugly and scary dude

As soon as the mullet went, in came the baldness. - wainboy

4 Anthony Rocca
5 Adam Goodes

He is ugly inside and out

6 Lewis Roberts-Thompson

He lost points because he plays for Swans... - wainboy

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7 Troy Simmonds

An Aussie version of Mick Jagger - wainboy

8 Josh Thurgood

Now we've seen ugly players, but look at this dude, he's kind of scary.

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9 Billy Brownless

Looking like a baby since his birth, probably always will - wainboy

Not the best looking guy going around...

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10 Dermot Brereton

In doubt? Just wait till you see him without his falsies on... - wainboy

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The Contenders

11 Brendon Goddard

I call him Abbott sometimes- just to annoy bombers fans

Why the hell would you write "the human centipede", grow up you disgusting guy.

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12 Chris Mayne
13 Damien Peverill

A head only a mother could love

Looks like a witch

Absolute hotty

14 Dustin Martin

Flog of afl. Dropped pie.

15 Barry Hall

This guy is damn ugly, and I HATE him, I was glad he broke his wrist, he deserved it after punching steaker like that - THEMASTER

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16 Mitch Robinson
17 Tom Hawkins

When Tom has a shot on goal his eyes look like they pop out.
All in all I am a cats fan so I still LOVE Tom Hawkins

18 Shannon Hurn
19 Brady Rawlings
20 Scott Selwood
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