Top Ten Ugliest Aircraft Ever Built

A list of the ugliest commercial airliners ever built...

The Top Ten

1 TU-154

Looks like a fake Boeing 727... Boeing 727 is way better

2 IL-76

Tail is disgusting, nose is horrific, navigators station is horribly placed. And the warts all over. Air Koryo and Volga-Dnepr still fly these bullfrogs. - KC-9

3 An-24 V 1 Comment
4 A320

So boring, the nose is bigger than the rest of the fuselage, wings are tiny. - KC-9

V 1 Comment
5 ATL-98 Carvair
6 Convair 990

One hod rod plane. wings look nothing like a normal planes, and the fuselage looks something more like a giant fighter jet. - KC-9

7 CASA C-212
8 A350 V 1 Comment
9 DHC4 Caribou
10 Short SC-7 Skyvan

Shorts has recently added a pointy end to the nose, which has destroyed the once good looks. Now, one ugly duckling. - KC-9

The Contenders

11 Boeing X-32
12 PZL M15 Belphegor
13 Beriev Bartini VVA 14

That's a plane! People ask that all the time. This amphibious dinosaur is no longer flown by Aeroflot but still is preserved. Forever ugly... - KC-9

14 Airbus Beluga

This should be Number 1! - BacklegoplanesProductions

15 Bristol Freighter
16 Beechcraft B1900C
17 EL/M-2075 Phalcon
18 Blohm & Voss BV-141
19 Shorts SC-360

A deravation of the #7 ranking shorts skyvan, the fuselage looks nothing like a plane. The wing's width is as wide as the much smaller skyvan. Quite interesting... - KC-9

20 A380 V 2 Comments
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1. ATL-98 Carvair
2. CASA C-212
3. DHC4 Caribou
1. IL-76
2. A320
3. TU-154



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