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1 Monkey

At least they aren't arctic wolves, with their hairy long necks, short rumps, and notched ears. Plus, monkeys are underrated and fun to play as and one of the first animal jam animals. Arctic wolves are just overrated, and people just use them to look cool.

They have uneven eyes and a big lemon head with a creepy nose

Oh my God, they look disgusting. Especially when you first buy one, their eyes are so uneven. I honestly reccomend a wolf, seal, tiger, or bunny for those New Jammers out there. No offense to anyone who likes monkeys...

1 monkeys rule, wolves drool, and stop hating on arctic wolves they're rump is better than you. I love all animals an or real so shush. In aj wolves are ugly but I still love them. 2 wolves should be number 1 on this list no offense they have humpbacks and spiky teeth wolves IRL are better than that

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2 Rhinoceros

Rhinos are not pretty but my rhino is buddy me I'm cougar444

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3 Elephant Elephant Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Two species are traditionally recognized, the African elephant and the Asian elephant, although some evidence suggests that African bush elephants and African forest elephants are separate species.

Elephants are nice, the eyes are a bit too tiny though..

No elephant is cute but there powerful - donovanthorn

No elephants are beuetiful.Arctic wolves are overrated giant hair balls with clothes.

4 Panda

I don't give a crap if they look cute in real life. They're ugly on animal jam. And their playing action looks inappropriate. - SheepBuggy

I fell sorry for them because they don't look cute in animal jam at all.

Pandas are so cute why are they even on here?

But... But... Pandas are the cutest and best!

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5 Lion Lion The lion is one of the big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. The commonly used term African lion collectively denotes the several subspecies in Africa.

Agreed they have HUGE pas and Chun and they just plain ugly with there mane.

Their eyes are a bit disturbing.. - GoldMagicAJ

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6 Arctic Wolf

I don't blame you at all. Arctic wolves are just lame and overrated. I don't find any beauty in them. Their rump is funky, the legs are way too short, and hair covers their entire neck! Why are rhinos on the top, they're awesome and not overrated!

Arctic Wolves are overrated, their actions are annoying and they are way too overused. They don't deserve any attention at all. They have cornered rumps, hair around their neck up to their heads, and a chipped ear. They suck. - SheepBuggy

Arctic wolves are overrated and think they're the best, there behind is small compared to the neck, they think they look good in spikes, and everyone being them thinks they're the best animal.

They are so bad! Foxes are awesome while arctic buttholes (not real ones, the ugly fake ones in AJ) are overrated and just want you to waste money. Guys money doesn't grow on trees so think wisely before getting a monstrosity! I was happy for like a week before getting bored with them... original...nutcracker interesting

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7 Horse Horse The horse is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae, and can be tamed, bred, and trained, as a mount. V 2 Comments
8 Shark V 3 Comments
9 Seal

About the person who says the seals look bald are you blind you can see the fur on the seals and their are some animals that are bald

Seals rule bunnies drool in a pile of poop.

No seals not ugly


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10 Giraffe Giraffe The giraffe is an African even-toed ungulate mammal, the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant.

They look sorta funky, but they double items like spike collars and are also the reason that I was sorta famous for having a giraffe, everyone asked me where I got them, but that was only when they were travelling.

Now giraffes are for every jammer; now you see a lot more of them ( that's good and bad)

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11 Koala

Koalas are cute, but a little bit ugly because, they have big butts

Koala aka the miley cyrus of animal jam

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12 Crocodile

They're only cool when you give them a dragon mask...

They are #UGLY with dragon masks dude...

13 Wolf

Wolves look way too funky and uneven, and items and actions look bad on them. - SheepBuggy

Ya seeing a wolf with default round eyes make me cringe. They r also used to make a full color (pink="shrimp on a Barbie" brown=poop aka crap yellow=banana) I hate seeing wolves with the large beady eyes especially when they do the full color thing

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14 Snow Leopard

They are just plain ugly with their HUGE noses and SO much fur.

15 Linx

How is the Lynx bad?! It's so cute! I looked into its big soft black eyes, and my heart melted they were so cute!

You can't even get the name right lmfao

Linx. Haha. Linx.

16 Snake V 1 Comment
17 Penguin

Why are they even on here they're so cute

Those eyes and beak creep me out.They look skinny

18 Cougar Cougar The cougar, also commonly known as the mountain lion, puma, panther, or catamount, is a large felid of the subfamily Felinae native to the Americas.

Lynx are cute, but cougars are lynx with long legs, which looks really odd.

ITS KAWAII AND COOL.. looks a bit like lynx though

19 Octopus Octopus The octopus is a cephalopod mollusc of the order Octopoda. It has two eyes and four pairs of arms and, like other cephalopods, it is bilaterally symmetric. It has a beak, with its mouth at the center point of the arms.

They're tentacles look like pimples and they're eyes are so big

Be nice to octopi I like them and I always play as it underwater just because it's not your fave animal doesn't mean it isn't someone elses! What if I said your fave animal was ugly? Sheesh

Octopus is ugly because its underwater animal and they get least used and they have big heads and nothing can fit on it. P.s they are bald as well

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20 Tiger Tiger The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognisable for their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside.

Tigers in Animal Jam are ugly but, I don't know why people still make fun of them!

There just ugly with thug faces and tiny bodies and microscopic ears - LeafpoolLover

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