Ugliest Animal Jam Items

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1 Epic sun hats

Oh gosh..the epic sun hat.. This item is the CREEPIEST animal jam item I have EVER seen.. There is like a creepy smiling face on it..I hope this year at the Summer Carnival that this item NEVER goes into stores AGAIN. - GoldMagicAJ

The green ones are the ugliest.

They just look horrid!

OH GOD. That's all that needs to be said.

2 Tiaras

They just look bad...

So true... Aj needs to make them smaller and they look REALLY bad on artic wolfs - LeafpoolLover

Umm guys they look GREAT on bunnies and
Sometimes on wolves or other animals.
Ex. search silverskylily on animal jam she looks
Great with the tiara!

3 Arctic coat

They make your animal look fat.

4 Winter jackets
5 Old blanket

The old blanket looks.. really bad.. - GoldMagicAJ

6 Old hood

I think it looks cute on a wolf. Of course, that's only my opinion...

I mean, you guys agree right?

Gross on a bunny

7 Skullies

What the heck do these look like on pandas? Everyone says they look wrong

They looked so ugly on pandas they got deleted from animal jam!

They looked disgusting on pandas. enough said

These look so wrong on pandas.

8 Pillbox hat
9 Spiked collar


I don't like spikes

Um why is that on this list

Umm who put this here... - Faolanwolf0

10 Rhino helmets

We'll not that ugly but still they look weird

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11 Cheese Hat

Hello chez my old friend

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