Ugliest Animal Jam Items

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1 Epic sun hats


Oh gosh..the epic sun hat.. This item is the CREEPIEST animal jam item I have EVER seen.. There is like a creepy smiling face on it..I hope this year at the Summer Carnival that this item NEVER goes into stores AGAIN. - GoldMagicAJ

The green ones are the ugliest.

They just look horrid!

2 Tiaras

They just look bad...

So true... Aj needs to make them smaller and they look REALLY bad on artic wolfs - LeafpoolLover

Umm guys they look GREAT on bunnies and
Sometimes on wolves or other animals.
Ex. search silverskylily on animal jam she looks
Great with the tiara!

3 Arctic coat

They make your animal look fat.

4 Winter jackets
5 Old hood

I think it looks cute on a wolf. Of course, that's only my opinion...

I mean, you guys agree right?

Gross on a bunny

6 Old blanket

The old blanket looks.. really bad.. - GoldMagicAJ

7 Skullies

They looked so ugly on pandas they got deleted from animal jam!

They looked disgusting on pandas. enough said

These look so wrong on pandas.

Panda ballsack

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8 Pillbox hat
9 Spiked collar


I don't like spikes

Um why is that on this list

Umm who put this here... - Faolanwolf0

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10 Rhino helmets

We'll not that ugly but still they look weird

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11 Cheese Hat
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