Top Ten Ugliest Buildings in the World

Ugly buildings that shows weird buildings unfinished yet

The Top Ten

1 Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

Ugly and a failure. Its depressing contours and surroundings give the exact opposite impression of opulence and progress it was suppose to transmit.

The title of this list is grammatically incorrect. It should be called "Most Ugly Buildings In the World."

No. "Most Ugliest" is redundant, incorrect grammar. The title of this list is fine. Admin would have fixed it if it had been incorrect.

Ryugyong hotels looks ugly - SpencerJC

2 Edificio Mirador, Spain Edificio Mirador, Spain

The red glass on the facade mimics the blood pouring from my eyes. - Golder

3 Antillia, Mumbai, India Antillia, Mumbai, India

This building is stinks

4 Stora Enso Building, Finland Stora Enso Building, Finland

Haha this building is totally trashed and garbage!

5 1250 René Lévesque, Montreal

Not only ugly, but pointless and a waste of space

Ugly broken building

Disgrace to not only Montreal but also Canada on how much of a waste of time it was, it also ruined one of Mont-Royal's peaks by being built on it, screw this thing

Deserves #w behind RyoungYong Hotel because not only is it ugly, but its useless

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6 Žižkov Television Tower, Prague, Czech Republic Žižkov Television Tower, Prague, Czech Republic

Plus the babies crawling from the towers makes me cringe.

7 Agbar Tower, Barcelona Agbar Tower, Barcelona

This list needs some pictures for us to see if the building is ugly or not.

8 Pangu Hotel, Beijing Pangu Hotel, Beijing
9 La Lavadora, Mexico City La Lavadora, Mexico City
10 The Corn Palace, South Dakota The Corn Palace, South Dakota

The Contenders

11 Federal Building, San Francisco Federal Building, San Francisco
12 Trellick Tower, London

One of the top expressions of Brutalism, the ugliest architectural style ever.

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