Ugliest Cities In the World

The Top Ten

1 Guatemala City, Guatemala
2 Mexico City, Mexico

I've been there. And my parents grew up there. Everyone robs your car, with you in it. And they brake your bicycle chain and steel it, and you have to but a chain around the steering wheel conected to something, and the people will still break it, and most of the buildings built after like 1950's are all ugly, and the Mexican government sucks, and its currupt and I hate the Mexican Government. And there's garbage on the street everywhere you go, and to much traffic and peope. I think the only nice building is the Basilica of Guadalupe, and the original one. Even the government building is ugly, and the tallest building in the city is very ugly too.

3 Amman, Jordan
4 Detroit, USA

Come on seriously Detroit is not that ugly. Crime is ugly but not the skyline. Without those abandoned building of course!

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5 São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is the worst agressive poluted and the ugliest of all.

6 Caracas, Venezuela

Too ugly Too much crimes - SpencerJC

7 Luanda, Angola

I live there and is terrible - Yc07

8 Chisinau, Moldova
9 Manila, Philippines
10 Houston, USA

Houston we have a problem: You're ugly.

The Contenders

11 Los Angeles, USA

Sooo many graffiti everywhere in LA - SpencerJC

12 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
13 New York, USA

It has its ugly parts but the true ugly is west of the Hudson... (Newark, Elizabeth, etc.)

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14 Lagos, Nigeria
15 Milan, Italy
16 Pyongyang, North Korea

The seas of seemingly randomly placed soviet apartments are bad enough, but the Ryugyong Hotel is the ugliest building on earth, and the propagandist statues on every corner and random highways to nowhere don't help either. Overall looks like a 10 year old designed this city before Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il came in and built statues of themselves everywhere. BLEH!

17 Frankfurt, Germany

I should make a movie called "Eyesores of Frankfurt". "Wonderful" modern post-war architecture with mold and rust everywhere.

18 Besancon, Franche-Comte
19 Moscow, Russia Moscow, Russia
20 London, England London, England London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south eastern part of the island of Great Britain, London has been a major settlement for two millennia.
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