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21 Light Brown

Think chocolate. See there you go - not so bad now, is it?

I like this color, actually. - Epicsauce45

This is such an amazing color, Milk chocolate!
Also its one of the best hair colors, just the perfect shade of brown.
How could you hate this color?

It MAKES things look gross jeez people grammar

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22 Dark Fuschia V 1 Comment
23 Green

Gren is the best color ever so shut up you humans/robots/whatever you are. - N64Dude

I'm not a fan of green and think of it as an overrated color, except in things involving Christmas and golf, both of which have green as a major color. But if you consider plants in general, if you remove the chlorophyll inside all their cells, or somehow remove the green aspect of it, they would likely look more red, orange, or yellow, all of which are in the fall season. This is why I occasionally perceive green to be an artificial color in nature. JMO :/.

Please, you guys. Green is the most beautiful color there is.
It's the color of nature and it is very elegant.
It is much better than overrated colors like blue and purple.
Really people need to think before putting nice colors on the list

I like pastel green but no other shades of green

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24 Yellow Ochre

Who likes yellow come on nobody

25 Lime

It's my favorite color

Lime is such a nice color! It's bright and fun! It's not my favorite color, but it's still a really nice one. NO HATE FOR LIME

To awesome to HATE! :)really how can you hate it


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26 Light Blue

I love this shade of blue (baby blue).

I love light blue it's the best

Blue is pretty


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27 Tan

Tan is discusting

But people get tans... so...

28 Cyan

For some reason this is the favorite color of many phone manufacturers.

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29 Maroon V 3 Comments
30 Lavender

I love lavender! Its one of my favorite colours!

This is my all time favorite colour, not too upset its on the list as its only 36th on the list

How in the world is this ugly?

I love this color! It's my favorite shade of purple! Why is it on here?

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31 Salmon

Salmon is beautiful and when used in the right way, can add a lot to an outfit. It may not be the best for a professional environment, but can be used in necklaces and other small things in a business.

It's a gross mix of orange and pink, and is the literal color of puke. Salmon isn't a very easy color to come by either. I've only ever really found it in coloring tools (crayons, colored pencils, etc), and that just seems to add to it's ugliness.

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32 Brown

Is that brown? Oh yeah. That is brown indeed. (Sarcasm) - Powerfulgirl10

That's is not. Brown... that is clearly a red color

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33 Urine Yellow

This color is the worst thing I've ever seen. If a bumble bee stripe and an expired egg yolk had a baby this color would be it.

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34 Burnt Orange

It's pretty much a mixture of brown and orange

Ugh, reminds me of Texas and Texas sucks.

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35 Very Light Blue

Hey blue is my favorite color all kinds of blues

Hurts my eyes just looking at it.

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36 White

White is beautiful on dark skinned people

White is just a basic color so boring - lovingicecreams

Whites so disqualified it should not be a color

You probably don't what to know why it's a disgusting color

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37 Dark Yellow V 1 Comment
38 Violet

You may not know this but violet may actually be the color purple because when you look at a purple crayola crayon/marker/colored pencil it says violet(purple) which means that violet may be another name for purple, this was one thing I noticed about the color violet so anyone can reply if they agree.

39 Turquoise

This is the most pretty color in the world

This is my favorite color in the entire world or maybe even entire universe

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40 Magenta

I like using the crayon magenta I like it in crayon

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