Julia Roberts

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Julia Fiona Roberts is an American actress and producer. She became a Hollywood star after headlining the romantic comedy Pretty Woman, which grossed US$464 million worldwide.


She is butt ugly. There is not one redeeming feature. Big mouth, big feet, big hands. A cackling, irritating laugh that would drive the birds from the trees. She can't act. All she does is throw her head back, and bray like a jackass. Her mouth is so big, you could put an entire pie plate in it. Beady little eyes that are too close together, and some really ugly nostrils that look like two tunnels. The nose, the nose. Bob Hope had a ski jump nose, but Julia has got him beat. How or why she got into the movie business is beyond me. Is there anyone she didn't sleep with in Hollywood?

I always thought she became America's sweetheart as there was no one else around at the time to fit the bill. She just happen to appear in Hollywood when there was no 'IT' girl so they took the next best thing, which was a little further down the line that next. It's almost like they put this girl on the movie screen and tried to make her out to be a Marilyn Monroe.. Which she is far from it. She seems to act the same in all her movies and I NEVER get into the role she plays; I'm always fully aware it is her which means you can't be playing the character all that well. Now her brother Eric is the cute one... He's the one who should've made it to the A list.

Has the most horrendous mouth and teeth I've ever seen. Definitely not attractive to me.

And she can't act, either. She is the same in every movie she's in.

At least there are a few living, breathing beings who agree with me... Julia Roberts is so gross, I would actually be depressed if I looked like her. I don't know what kind of magic they did to her in the movie Pretty Woman, but that's the ONLY time she looked good.

On what planet, has she ever been pretty. She has a gigantic mouth and huge teeth. Her nose is not small either. She has never had any curves, especially on the backside.

Ugh! I can't watch anything she is in. Horse face. Big lips. Ski slope nose. Those round eyebrows bug me. I cannot stand her fake laugh and fake down to earth crap!

Julia Roberts was never a beauty. Cute when she was younger, but weird plastic surgery left her nose crooked and too sculpted, and her eyes all crazy looking. On a good day she is average looking, on a bad day she is pretty darn homely.

I have nightmares about her gruesome ugly face, especially her mouth with its double the normal number of teeth.

The only reason she is claimed as "hot" is because she had a body double in Pretty Woman. The image on the poster is face on another woman's body. She is gross. Her legs are too skinny, she looks like a bag of bones and facially she is double coyote ugly.

Ugly from both the inside and out. Talk about a stuck up attitude matching her appearance. Watch Eat, Pray, and Love and it so fits her personality perfectly.

I'll never forgive her for ruining my image of Daniel Ocean in Oceans 11... After I saw Clooney running after her I went "That's just a suit with really BAD taste"

It's the great flaring nostrils and huge withe mouth that put me off.

Its amazing how mass media can sell an image of america's sweetheart. I always though Julia Roberts was a miserable and horse-faced crab. I never perceived as sweet or precious.

It's so good to know there are some people who agree with me. I have never figured out what's attractive about her. Most over hyped actress ever.

I hate her baboon mouthed smile. Don't understand how she was once considered the most beautiful woman in movies. I simply cannot stand her.


Her ugly big mouth makes me sick

She is very very overrated when it comes to looks. SHE IS UGLY! There... I said it.

Everything on her face is out of proportion: her huge teeth, wide mouth, ugly nose. She doesn't even have a hot body. She is bony.

This was one of those publicity machine deals where the Emperor had no clothes but you were told he did, ugly broad hell, her brother was prettier

Face proportions are all out of whack. That mouths like a dull toothed shark, all teeth and BIG

All I can think of is her brother, Eric, a true actor. She is just nasty ugly -- guy face. Never understood why anyone would think she is pretty. It's like kissing Eric Roberts.

I never saw the beauty in this woman. Her mouth is too big. Too many teeth. Pointy nose. And not really a good actress.

Thank you SO much! And I'm sick of her niece Emma Roberts too! Pretty Woman? Doubt it