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Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress, producer, and designer. She is best known for her leading role as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO television series Sex and the City.


Sure, She is not good looking. More than her looks, her media hype is what annoys me the most. Everything about her (looks, acting skills, coolness factor, cuteness factor) is overrated to the max and we know why. She knows the right people. However, that doesn't excuse some of the downright bigoted/racist comments here. They are not just ugly but downright scary. For example, "Looks like a witch!... Funny because I seen her on the show who do you think you are? Where celebs look up their ancestry... Ha ha turns out one of her ancestors almost got burned at the stake back in salem mass, shame she didn't then we wouldn't have to look at the pointy ugly witch face" Lets not go back to the dark ages just because we disapprove of something so superficial as looks. We all know the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the times where all it took was some a-hole to decide that a woman needs to be burned alive because of the shape of her nose.

U think she is ugly now - ever see her high school pics in People Magazine... she's gone through a lot of surgery to get to be the acceptable looking person she is now. My heart would go out to her except that she actually is a b*tch and I think she must have a really really really rich uncle in the business...

She should be rated as the least attractive celebrity. The ugliest woman that I have had the displeasure to watch on T.V.. I could never understand why she was not replaced on "Sex in the City" with someone more appealing.

Beyond ugly in every aspect of her existence. Besides the kind of looks that make small children run under their beds and lock themselves in the closets shivering from fear, the roles that she plays celebrate all the vilest and the basest characteristics in women. The story of desperate, moraly corrupt, hypocrite, man eaters in their quest for an Nth penis... Is truly one of the most dispecable displays of hollywood trash...

Parading around in high heels and designer dresses isn't going to make up for the fact that she looks like a foot/horse. Believed to be from the same laboratory as the mice with human ears on their backs, according to Urban Dictionary. And if she's so damn rich why can't she remove that revolting thing on her long-ass chin?!

She looks like a horse and a foot had a kid - uds3333

Looks like a witch!... Funny because I seen her on the show who do you think you are? Where celebs look up their ancestry... Ha ha turns out one of her ancestors almost got burned at the stake back in salem mass, shame she didn't then we wouldn't have to look at the pointy ugly witch face!

So ugly I can't even stand to watch her commercials. The media keep saying she's beautiful. It's as though they think if they say it often enough people will believe it.

Horrible and she has this long horse face and then makes it look longer and and more like a horse by wearing these big buns on the top of her head which makes her face look three feet long. Have you ever seem some of her pictures in Vogue Magazine? What is she thinking?

Where is Julia Roberts? She needs to be near the top. I have never seen anything beautiful about her. A mouth you could drive s truck through. Maybe It's just us in Cobb County, Georgia, where she's from who just think its ridiculous to call her beautiful. Right next to Sarah Jessica Parker I think.

She ain't Sarah Jessica Parker, she's "HORSE-WOMAN". The superhero of all mares worldwide and the pioneer for equality to horses in Hollywood. Black Beauty is much more good-looking than her and I'm actually not kidding.

I had a nightmare yesterday and she was a witch running after my cousin to eat her! She is scary, old, tries to be really girly and sweet but she is just plain annoying! I just don't GET IT WHY she got selected for sex and the city!

Horse face, and way too bony. The parts of her that aren't bony are preternaturally muscular for a woman. Her belly button also grosses me out, but I guess she needs to show it off since she opted for surrogates instead of carrying her own children.

I strongly disagree with some of the selections here, which are just preposterous (Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman : how the hell are their names on this list? ) or too harsh (Tea Leoni: she's not pretty but doesn't play in the "monster" league SJP dominates). There also are huge misses: for example, "mutants" Jennifer Love Hewitt and Anna Torv are nowhere to be found. Some others are way too obvious, as they age around 100 or as EVERYONE find them awful (Donatella, Rosie,... ), including themselves hopefully (at least they don't act as they think they're hot). Why didn't you include cripples or midgets? In my opinion, the only valuable competitors were Jennifer Garner and Sandra Bullock who behave as they're THE catch (Tequila and Kardashian wrongly think it's possible to watch them without serious eye injury but they're just T.V. stars: don't look at them and your problem is solved. They'll be forgotten within a few years and I think they know that). Like JLH, JG and SB, SJP ...more

Her face was smacked with an ugly yalmukah. Then again... We are supposed to believe Adrian Brody has leading man looks.

Ah yes, another one of the 'chosen people' being taken care of by the other members of the tribe. There is absolutely no way she could be a Hollywood actress, or even any job dealing with the public, without help from other powerful people. If she was a cashier at my local grocery store, I'd pick a different check-out line if I saw her ugly mug at the end of the register!

So true and so funny! I am not alone in thinking that the woman is ugly! Have finally realised what a bunch of liars the press are, as they always say she is beautiful!

Comparing that face with a horse is an insult to horses, on the plus side the nosebag could be put over her head.

It hurts me that she is the main charcter of a great work like sex and the city. Disgust me every time she made out with sweet, sexy, handsome men in this T.V. series.

Family guy: she looks like a foot! She is just not hot, never will be, only looked decent on sex and the city

My friend Flicka. There, that sums it up. If she had any talent, that would be one thing but she is devoid in that category too. I don't get these A list stars who remain A-listers regardless of many bomb products they release. It's so unnerving to me. Signed, Fed up In Boston

Sarah Jessica Parker is so ugly that she makes Tory Spelling look hot.

Sarah Jessica Parker has a face like horse. How did she ever get in show business?

The Sex and the City was a nightmare for men because we had to change the channel for 10 years. Finally, it was cancelled. It never should have lasted 2 episodes with that ugly, ugly, Sarah J. Parker.

Why does she have a middle name anyway? It's not like that's gonna make her any more attractive.

She looks like blonde dog dooty on the curb.

What's the point of making this list if all you're trying to do is make women feel insecure and bad about themselves. (It's a statement, not a question.) There are so much more important things than physical appearance. I admire Sarah Jessica's confidence, even after everyone calls her an ugly horse, even after worldwide criticism. Sarah is a lovely person who deserves to be praised, not mocked. Honestly, it's like your beating up a dead SJP. - RockFashionista

Definitely one ugly woman, to think that she stars in a show called sex in the city is a joke. The shows producers must have been on an extremely tight budget, or maybe she actually paid them.

She's laughing all the way to the bank. She is not attractive in a sexy starlet kind of way, but rather as a powerful handsome woman. She does not have a pretty face or even a pretty profile, she just very, very average. She can project herself in a sultry desirable way and you can't deny her acting talent.