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141 Seth Green Seth Green

Ugly and untalented jerk

142 Michael Keaton Michael Keaton
143 Val Kilmer Val Kilmer Val Edward Kilmer is an American actor. Originally a stage actor, Kilmer became popular in the mid-1980s after a string of appearances in comedy films, starting with Top Secret!

Looks like Big Pun and Chad Kroeger combined.

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144 Oliver Platt

Ugly and one of the worst actors I ever saw. I don't know how he ever made it in movies.

145 Keanu Reeves Keanu Reeves

One of the worst actors I have ever seen. How did he ever make it? He is also nothing to look at.

146 Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. Robert John Downey Jr. is an American actor. His career has included critical and popular success in his youth, followed by a period of substance abuse and legal troubles, and a resurgence of commercial success in middle age.

Creepy looking egotist. His father was a film director.nepotism strikes again.there is no end to it.


147 David Arquette

Ugly untalented jerk.his grandfather was actor charley weaver (real name cliff arquette) nepotism strikes again.i am so sick of it.when is it going to end?

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148 Kanye West Kanye West Kanye Omari West is an American rapper, songwriter, and fashion designer. He was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. After West's parents divorced, him and his single mother moved to Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 10, West temporarily moved to Nanjing, China, because his mother was teaching more.

Ugly untalented and egotistical.

Kanye west is ugly inside and out. He looks like a black chipmonk.

Ugly is as ugly does look at wifey.

Fugly talentless hack with an ego the size of Alaska

149 Casey Affleck

Ugly untalented younger brother of ugly untalented ben affleck (who is also on this list) nepotism strikes again. What else is new?

Ugly untalented younger brother of ugly untalented ben affleck.(who is also on this list deservidly) nepotism strikes again. What else is new?

150 LL Cool J LL Cool J

Gross... - lannypetersong

151 Dane Cook Dane Cook Dane Jeffrey Cook is an American stand-up comedian and film actor. He has released five comedy albums: Harmful If Swallowed; Retaliation; Vicious Circle; Rough Around The Edges: Live From Madison Square Garden; and Isolated Incident. V 1 Comment
152 Haley Joel Osment Haley Joel Osment Haley Joel Osment is an American actor. After a series of roles in television and film during the 1990s, including a small part in Forrest Gump playing the title character’s son, Osment rose to fame for his performance as a young unwilling medium in The Sixth Sense..

He got so fat and aged terribly. - lannypetersong

Ugly has been who is attempting a comeback. he will fail mierably just as he deserves.

153 David Beckham David Beckham

Can't stand him and that face of his.

154 Liam Gallagher Liam Gallagher William John Paul "Liam" Gallagher is an English musician, singer, and songwriter. He rose to fame as the lead singer of the rock band Oasis, and later as the singer of Beady Eye.
155 Noel Gallagher Noel Gallagher Noel Thomas David Gallagher is an English musician, singer, songwriter and guitarist. He served as the lead guitarist, co-lead vocalist and principal songwriter of the rock band Oasis.
156 Tiny Tim Tiny Tim Herbert Buckingham Khaury, known professionally as Tiny Tim, was an American singer, most of the time ukulele player, and musical archivist.
157 Patton Oswalt Patton Oswalt Patton Peter Oswalt is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and voice artist, known for roles such as Spencer Olchin in the sitcom The King of Queens, voicing Remy in the film Ratatouille, and playing multiple identical brothers, the Koenigs, on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fat ugly untalented jerk.

158 John Cryer
159 Matthew Morrison

There's something definitely creepy about him

160 Sam Claflin
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