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121 Watchog

I feel like it will stalk me in my sleep

It's just creepy as hell.


122 Emboar Emboar

Emboar may not be cute but I picked him as a starter and whoever put cute Pokemon on this list are stupid. I how could anyone think Mew is ugly?! And Pikachu is really cute and sweet.

I agree, but Pikachu is NOT cute and sweet.

123 Munna
124 Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Cyndaquil is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. more.

Ugliest pokemon ever. - Piplup

125 Greninja Greninja Greninja is a Water/Dark type Pokemon introduced in Gen 6. It is the evolved form of Frogadier and the final evolve form of the water starter Froakie. Aside from the usual Torrent ability all Water starters have (Which raises the power of its Water moves), it also the the ability Protean, which changes more.

TOO OVERPOWERED I'm NOT EVEN KIDDING and what happened too your Tounge you poor thing - BraixenBreak

126 Gyrados

The man who make this list is fool he can give magikarp but not gyrados

Gyrados is awesome! I caught the red scale!

Hungry Korean man had a baby with a drunken Dragonair

127 Swellow Swellow

It's cool-looking. - Powerfulgirl10

Swellow's not ugly, its beast!

Looks like Pelliper puked it out!

Nice birdie

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128 Magmortar Magmortar

Magmortar looks like Santa Claus on steroids or a drunk fat man with a cannon on its back. No, just no.

No way that this is a canon Pokémon. This has to be fanart.

129 Tornadus-T V 1 Comment
130 Teddiursa Teddiursa

Who ever put Teddiursa on this list has to re-think their life.


Ugliest bear ever. Whoever says it's cute should get Psycho Boosted by Deoxys, preferably in its attack forme


131 Clefairy Clefairy

Because Clefairy looks like Justin Bieber with no clothes.

A cute Pokemon. It's very cute and you are foolish. Dumb, ridiculous and stupid comment ever!

Clefairy is not ugly

Cleffa is 12 - MM4031

132 Druddigon Druddigon

This pokemon should have never been created

Looks like a random dragon I have seen dragons like him in so many animes WORST DESIGN EVER

This is my Other neighbor, Mike

133 Xerneas Xerneas Xerneas is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a legendary Fairy type Pokemon, and the mascot of Pokemon X. Classified as the Life Pokemon, Xerneas has the ability to give eternal life, which occurs when the horns on its head shine in seven lights. When its life more.

That thing looks awesome! - Powerfulgirl10

What is that thing supposed to be?!

Sawsbuck + Rainbow + Legendary Pokémon = This mess

How is Pokemon X better selling than Pokemon Y (The game with the awesome bacon dragon Yveltal) - Goatworlds

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134 Luvdisc Luvdisc

This is sad... I heard Luvdisk was the most unpopularlest Pokémon of all time. I just feel so sad for that thing.

135 Dustox Dustox

This thing was made to make Beautifly more adorable in comparison.

136 Cubone Cubone

Yeah I think its pretty cute but it wears its MOTHERS SCULL

I like them and I like their evolution, but do they have to flee after EVERY turn?

Cute but like it's mother skull... why wear it?

I love Cubone you dummys

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137 Hippopotas V 2 Comments
138 Spinda Spinda
139 Loudred Loudred

Yuck looks like it is drunk

Loudred looks awesome! It's like a monkey thingy!

140 Skiddo
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