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141 Lileep
142 Regigigas Regigigas

A completely unnecessary Pokemon. I fail to see what is that thing supposed to be.

DUMB AND UGLY not very good also BORING!


143 Mamoswine Mamoswine

I hate anything that has big tusks

I'm sorry, it's just too ugly. It looks nothing like Piloswine.

144 Kyurem-B
145 Crustle
146 Togekiss Togekiss

It is very very very very cute and you are very very very very fool

It's very cute and you are an idiot.

It's so cute how dare you put it on this list

Screw you it's so cute!

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147 Magnezone Magnezone

Correction. A giant awesome UFO with an awesome eye in the middle.

Just a giant ufo with a weird eye in the middle

148 Duosion

A green blob with a fetus inside, so is reuniclus and solosis. solosis is a green blob with a fetus head inside

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149 Quilava Quilava

Who put Quilava on this list? He's my second favorite!

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150 Tornadus Tornadus
151 Zekrom Zekrom

Zeros might be strong, but he's pretty ugly.

152 Basculin Basculin
153 Dustox Dustox

This thing was made to make Beautifly more adorable in comparison.

154 Gulpin Gulpin

Gulpin is awesome! He was my first shiny and he holds a special place in my heart.

He is just so ugly

He's awesome - Goatworlds

155 Spinda Spinda
156 Shroomish Shroomish
157 Torterra Torterra V 1 Comment
158 Wynaut Wynaut

Speaking of little kids and drugs, some preschooler's shoe had crack in it.

It looks like a 6 year old girl doing drugs


It's cute - 1507563

159 Mankey V 1 Comment
160 Dodrio Dodrio

Is cute

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