Top Ten Ugliest "Trendy" Clothes

This list is based on opinion, so don't freak out in case you don't agree.

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1 Ripped Jeans Ripped Jeans

I love ripped jeans - Luckys

The girls may think that by showing a bit of skin through the holes that they look sexy, well to my they look crappy, like why not wear a shirt with holes on it so that way it will match with the ripped jeans? Or why not wear a maxi dress with holes on them? I wonder how they would feel if a guy showed up in a car with holes all over it? Would they think that the guy looks sexy driving a crappy looking car? If the girl wants to look sexy then they should show more skin by wearing something more nicer like a mini dress or shorts or if they want to look more sexier then wear a 2 peace bikini, I rather date them then the one's with ripped jeans that look so crappy. This is coming from a normal straight guy.

It's not fashionable at all
2 months ago a friend of mine ( Wasn't exactly a friend..More like a friend of a friend) came to visit - wearing a pink solid top with a highly ripped denim romper, flipping her hair in every 2.45 seconds. - Ananya

And they let in a draft - blackflower

2 Clothes with "Unicorn" on It

This is nice, I'm a unicorn fan - GalaxyCookies

3 "Nude" Clothing
4 Hairy Chest Bathing Suits

I mean, it would be fun for like a day to just wear one around the beach to see reactions, but I don't see any reason why anyone would want to actually buy one of these for fashion.

5 Justin Bieber "Purpose Tour" Merch
6 High-Waisted Jeans


7 Gothic Clothing

This is the ugliest trendy clothes that I’ve ever seen. Including the wannabes out of peer pressure. Nothing pretty at all, yet they think it’s the coolest trend.

8 Ridiculously Oversized Sweaters

Those are called "blanket t-shirts", and they've made a comeback from the 90s.

9 Onesies

They’re not for anyone over the age of one - blackflower

10 Overalls Overalls

The Contenders

11 Long Shirts for Guys
12 Oxford Tan Yeezys Oxford Tan Yeezys
13 Trucker Hats
14 Tops with Holes in Them Tops with Holes in Them

SERIOUSLY?! I can tolerate ripped jeans, but ripped SHIRTS? COME ON! - Apricot

Moth food fashion

Ugh! - Userguy44

Who buys shirts with holes? how you gonna wash them and keep the holes from growing? you will end up with a shirt that looks like a rag!

15 Chokers Chokers

I thought this was a BDSM thing. - Critideal

I have a choker. They're actually pretty cute and comfy. - Apricot

They're so ugly! It does not look good on everyone. Honestly, worst trend of the decade. It should have never made a comeback.

16 Oversized Jeans Oversized Jeans
17 Cropped Hoodies Cropped Hoodies

I wear these sometimes - Luckys

They look the worst when they look cut-off and hang over like a bag.

18 Adidas Superstars
19 Clothing with Animal Print
20 Camo Camo
21 “Showy” clothing

For example, the typical teenage girl who wears extremely low cut dresses in front and back. Or who wears shorts that don't even cover her butt.
to be honest I’m a fourteen year old girl who probably would’ve been wearing such clothes (or rather non clothes) if my parents weren't so strict about clothing. I used to hate how strict they were. Now I see the shame in it. I gotta admit, I love short shorts as much as any teenage girl, but I make sure they cover my behind. As for other clothing, such as dresses, I want to look somewhat trendy but not showy ya know? So I kinda have some sort of in between type of style. My clothes show in the back and front a little but not overly too much.
I advice the rest of you to try it out too. It makes you feel like an original person who’s not trying to wear the same things as everyone else but still looks stylish. Bcs we gotta admit, the main reason most of us dress so badly is bcs we want to fit in and such clothing seems like the ...more

22 Tight Clothing
23 Wide Leg Jeans
24 Tube Tops Tube Tops
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2. Clothes with "Unicorn" on It
3. Hairy Chest Bathing Suits
1. Oxford Tan Yeezys
2. Long Shirts for Guys
3. Clothes with "Unicorn" on It


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