Top Ten Ugliest "Trendy" Clothes

This list is based on opinion, so don't freak out in case you don't agree.

The Top Ten

1 Ripped jeans

The girls may think that by showing a bit of skin through the holes that they look sexy, well to my they look crappy, like why not wear a shirt with holes on it so that way it will match with the ripped jeans? Or why not wear a maxi dress with holes on them? I wonder how they would feel if a guy showed up in a car with holes all over it? Would they think that the guy looks sexy driving a crappy looking car? If the girl wants to look sexy then they should show more skin by wearing something more nicer like a mini dress or shorts or if they want to look more sexier then wear a 2 peace bikini, I rather date them then the one's with ripped jeans that look so crappy. This is coming from a normal straight guy.

2 Oxford Tan Yeezys Oxford Tan Yeezys
3 Long Shirts for Guys
4 Clothes with "Unicorn" on It
5 Tops with Holes in Them

Who buys shirts with holes? how you gonna wash them and keep the holes from growing? you will end up with a shirt that looks like a rag!

6 Ridiculously Oversized Sweaters

Those are called "blanket t-shirts", and they've made a comeback from the 90s.

7 Trucker Hats
8 Chokers

They're so ugly! It does not look good on everyone. Honestly, worst trend of the decade. It should have never made a comeback.

9 Justin Bieber "Purpose Tour" Merch
10 Oversized jeans

The Contenders

11 Adidas Superstars
12 Clothing with Animal Print
13 Hairy Chest Bathing Suits

I mean, it would be fun for like a day to just wear one around the beach to see reactions, but I don't see any reason why anyone would want to actually buy one of these for fashion.

14 "Nude" Clothing
15 Onesies
16 Camo
17 Overalls Overalls
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