Top Ultraman Monsters All Time

The Top Ten

1 Zetton

The Best And Brutal

SuperShimu Is His Best Power

2 Gomora

Brutal And Dynamic With Speed And Great Tail Attack

3 Baltan
4 Redking
5 Golza

Very BadAss Monster With Heavy Muscle

6 KingJoe

Legendary Robot In Ultraman Event Ever

7 Mikles

Such A Legend Monster Who Serve For Ultraman And Human

8 Eleking
9 Yapool

Such A Trouble Maker For Every Ultraman Series

10 Pigmon

The Contenders

11 Sphire

Almost Eat All Universe. The Best Antagonist In Ultraman Dyna

12 Memphilas

I Got Nothing To Say To Him.

I Got Nothing To Say To Him

13 Dada

Amazing Hacker Who Can Suck Human Into Computer

14 Bullton
15 Zarab

Should Call Him FRAUD

16 Valkyrie

Death Because Of Oil. Haha

17 Windam
18 Bemlar

First one. come on

19 Gatanozoa
20 Vakishim
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