Top 10 Best Ultraman Shows


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1 Ultraman Tiga

Ah yes! They were joyful memories back then I bought it at the pawn shop and I love it very much it makes me have a new experience of the light in my head - Kevinsidis

It brings back a lots of memories. The plot is the best among all.

Great Warrior Of Light - Syaker

First one I’ve ever watched, not the strongest but definitely the best!

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2 Ultraman 1966

An Ancestor. Without him, there is no Ultraman - Syaker

Just started watching in 2018! Loving this retro-show...

This Ultraman was the first Ultraman I’ve ever seen & Ultraman was the first Superhero I’ve ever seen

3 Ultraman King

Great and Wise Leader Of Ultraman - Syaker

4 Ultraman Gaia

First Ultraman Who Has Connection With Monster - Syaker

5 Ultraman Zero

Coolest Ultraman With Douche Attitude. laugh out loud - Syaker

6 Ultraman Zoffy

Amazing and Kind Brother For 6 Brother - Syaker

7 Ultraman Next

Giant and Great Hero With Heavy Muscle - Syaker

8 Ultraman Great / Toward to the Future

Great Fighting Style and Hero For USA. - Syaker

9 Ultraman Nexus

Light and Hero. Such A Legend. - Syaker



10 Ultraman Cosmos

First 12th Century Ultraman. Amazing Speed and Variety Of Power - Syaker

Fighting for human-monster co-existence

The Contenders

11 Ultra Seven
12 Ultraman Mebius

I love the suit of this ultraman of course it is the 3rd most popular show of the ultraman series

13 Ultraman Leo
14 Ultraman Orb

Because it has a very pleasent plot and music.Gosh I love Gai Orbnica music.

15 Ultraman Powered

Cool suits

16 Ultraman Ace

Amazing monster designs, cohesent plot, Yapool's actually a really threatening villain, excellent callbacks to other series, the greatest Showa theme song...what's NOT to love?

17 Ultraman Geed

He is son of Belial and he can form into a lot of ultraman form such as Primitive.

18 Ultraman Dyna

Funny ultraman

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