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1 Ultraman Tiga

It's so amazingly heartwarming, and inspires people of all ages to be optimistic. Honestly, I personally believe Ultraman Ginga is the greatest Ultra-Warrior Tsuburaya Productions has ever conceived, but Ultraman Tiga often puts romance and life lessons that are touching into the spotlight.

Best Ultraman series thus far. Love story between Rena and Daigo developed greatly. Great concept about warrior of light plus the series was more serious yet still entertaining with full of lessons. First ultraman series to feature 3 types.

Ah yes! They were joyful memories back then I bought it at the pawn shop and I love it very much it makes me have a new experience of the light in my head

My Childhood, and re watching it the story and writing is amazing

2 Ultraman 1966

Just started watching in 2018! Loving this retro-show...

An Ancestor. Without him, there is no Ultraman

This Ultraman was the first Ultraman I’ve ever seen & Ultraman was the first Superhero I’ve ever seen

3 Ultraman King

Great and Wise Leader Of Ultraman

4 Ultraman Zero

He is one of the most popular and powerful Ultraman! I thought he wouLed be the most popular!

Coolest Ultraman With Douche Attitude. laugh out loud

Love the seiyuu

He is strong

5 Ultraman Gaia

My oldest brother likes toga, middle bro likes dyna, so I just like this naturally and in this there isn't agul to spice up the show.

First Ultraman Who Has Connection With Monster

2nd favorite ultraman

6 Ultraman Zoffy

Great not to beatiful

Amazing and Kind Brother For 6 Brother

7 Ultraman Next

Giant and Great Hero With Heavy Muscle

8 Ultraman Great / Toward to the Future

Great Fighting Style and Hero For USA.

9 Ultraman Mebius

I love the suit of this ultraman of course it is the 3rd most popular show of the ultraman series

Is the strongest cus Infinity can one shot.

I like it it's the best one EVER


10 Ultraman Cosmos

Fighting for human-monster co-existence

Great but my 10th favorite

First 12th Century Ultraman. Amazing Speed and Variety Of Power

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11 Ultraman Nexus

First series I watched this as a child, didn't understand it until now, so naturally he's my favourite.
And the fact that his design is different and his true form is the strongest of them all.

A show for older audience, allowed me to watch without getting scolded! Really is a good show!

Because this ultraman is for older audience, it has a darker story.

Best story line ever

12 Ultraman Dyna

Ultraman Dyna is my most favourite because he’s just so epic!

My favorite ULTRAMAN EVER! I like the suit the powers and how strong he is

Funny ultraman

13 Ultra Seven
14 Ultraman Orb

Looks cool haves a sword

I like hideo ishiguro as kurenai gai

Because it has a very pleasent plot and music.Gosh I love Gai Orbnica music.

15 Ultraman Taro

Top ultraman of his generation. Clearly created to be the special one (son of two prestigious ultraman leaders)

Taro! Ultraman Number Six!

16 Ultraman Geed

An awesome story line. Hope they make more movies with Geed! I love his forms! Especially the one from the first movie it got! He is literally the son of the powerful Belial!

He is son of Belial and he can form into a lot of ultraman form such as Primitive.

It has a good plot. And he has an intresting transformation shout. You go, I go, Here we go

Like it cause it have like the ultraman 1966 and belial

17 Ultraman X
18 Ultraman Leo
19 Ultraman Ginga

OH MY GODS> sorry, allow me to calm down. Ultraman Ginga is extremely OP in comparison to the average Ultra ( fans of King don't even bother to raise your hand ) and when you look at just how STUNNING OMG he looks as well as the special effects- Tsuburaya really needs to make more episodes or films featuring this breathtakingly-handsome and compassionate Ultraman!

wow his theme song, Ginga No Uta, is the BE$T, but that's just the beginning of his awesome-ness...

20 Ultraman Gruebe

He is the most coolest ultra man ever

Best one and rb was great

21 Ultraman Ace

Amazing monster designs, cohesent plot, Yapool's actually a really threatening villain, excellent callbacks to other series, the greatest Showa theme song...what's NOT to love?

22 Father of Ultra
23 Mother of Ultra
24 Ultraman Ribut

Great he has a real life version of him

25 Ultraman Taiga

Truly a wonderful tale of a son who grows up with a burden that he doesn't really mind : the quest to become as good of an Ultraman as his father Taro.

One of the best ultraman not the best but awesome

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