Top 10 Best Ultraman Shows


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1 Ultraman Tiga

Ah yes! They were joyful memories back then I bought it at the pawn shop and I love it very much it makes me have a new experience of the light in my head - Kevinsidis

It brings back a lots of memories. The plot is the best among all.

Great Warrior Of Light - Syaker

Ultraman tiga!

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2 Ultraman 1966

An Ancestor. Without him, there is no Ultraman - Syaker

This Ultraman was the first Ultraman I’ve ever seen & Ultraman was the first Superhero I’ve ever seen

3 Ultraman King

Great and Wise Leader Of Ultraman - Syaker

4 Ultraman Zero

Coolest Ultraman With Douche Attitude. laugh out loud - Syaker

5 Ultraman Gaia

First Ultraman Who Has Connection With Monster - Syaker

6 Ultraman Zoffy

Amazing and Kind Brother For 6 Brother - Syaker

7 Ultraman Next

Giant and Great Hero With Heavy Muscle - Syaker

8 Ultraman Great / Toward to the Future

Great Fighting Style and Hero For USA. - Syaker

9 Ultraman Nexus

Light and Hero. Such A Legend. - Syaker



10 Ultraman Mebius

I love the suit of this ultraman of course it is the 3rd most popular show of the ultraman series

The Contenders

11 Ultraman Cosmos

First 12th Century Ultraman. Amazing Speed and Variety Of Power - Syaker

Fighting for human-monster co-existence

12 Ultra Seven
13 Ultraman Leo
14 Ultraman Powered

Cool suits

15 Ultraman Ace

Amazing monster designs, cohesent plot, Yapool's actually a really threatening villain, excellent callbacks to other series, the greatest Showa theme song...what's NOT to love?

16 Ultraman Geed

He is son of Belial and he can form into a lot of ultraman form such as Primitive.

17 Ultraman Orb

Because it has a very pleasent plot and music.Gosh I love Gai Orbnica music.

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