Top 10 Best Ultraman

The Top Ten

Ultraman Zero, Ken and Measure

This is my brother named boom

They are the awesome guys with strong powers.

Ultraman Taro
Ultraman Hikari

A blue ultra with Arb powers

Ultraman Ace

The 5th ultra. Let's see his powers.


This is the guy who started it all.

Ultraman Jack

He is fine. Awesome!

Ultra Seven
Ultraman Zoffy

Super dots are perfect for him.

Ultraman Leo
Ultraman 80

The Contenders

Ultra Q

Forget what I said about Ultraman starting it all.

Ultraman Legend
Ultraman Ginga

.OG he is OP, but Tsuburaya needs to put a bit more plot into his appearances. I'd LOVE IT if the y made a Ginga movie ( not ginga s )

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