Top Ten Unaired Invader Zim Episodes

These episodes were in production when the show got cancelled. Luckily, the voice actors have done live script readings of some of these episodes at InvaderCon. There are also partial voice recordings that made it onto Youtube. Credit for the episode descriptions goes to Invader Zim wiki.

The Top Ten Unaired Invader Zim Episodes

1 Invader Dib

It's a shame this got cancelled but I bet if it was aired at a different time it would have done a lot better in ratings
Nickelodeon did not handle this show well and it completely blew up

I so wanted to watch this, oh well at least a fan made film is being made call Is the doom movie

Sounds like it would have been the best episode of invader zim ever!

This was to be a 3-part, series finale. The plot: An all-out war between the Irken and the Meekrob. Zim and Skoodge would have been sent on a rescue mission. It's such a shame this didn't get made. It sounds like it would have been really, really awesome!

2 Mopiness of Doom

Dib gives up being a paranormal investigator. Zim, in turn, loses his motivation to take over the Earth. Gaz actually shows concern for her brother in this episode, which is great.

Credit for pic goes to Soapy Waffles on YouTube.

This sounds like the most interesting episode out of all the other ones on this list. - nintendofan126

This is on youtube

Best frenemies

3 Ten Minutes to Doom

Zim loses his PAK and has only 10 minutes to live. In the mean time, Dib steals the PAK, but it attaches itself to him and he starts behaving more and more like Zim. Gaz to the rescue! She would have made a tentative alliance with Zim in order to get back at her brother.

Credit for pic goes to tenminutestodoom's channel on YouTube.

They would have died in this episode though, But Nickelodeon didn't allow it ( Yay )

4 Top of the Line

Oh, WHY couldn't this have been made!?!?
Tak would return in this episode. There would have been a competition to see which invader's SIR unit was the best. GIR was supposed to win.

Credit for pic goes to Soapy Waffles on YouTube.

5 The Trial

This is the best unaired episode, it needs to be #1! - Emberleap

This episode would have revealed a lot of backstory on Zim. He gets evaluated by the Irken leaders.

6 Return of Keef

This would have been great c ri e s

That would have been funny as hell!

Another one I would have loved to see. Dib and Zim are forced to pretend to be friends in order to get rid of Keef.

Credit for pic goes to jackfreak1994 on DeviantArt

7 Day of Da Spookies

This one sounds like it would have been VERY funny. Zim and GIR would have dressed up as ghosts, then they would have tried to make Dib look like a fraud.

Credit for pic goes to ItsStephsWorld on DeviantArt.

8 GIR's Big Day

Another GIR-centered episode, yay! He would have been hit by a truck. Then taken to a lab and cloned by scientists who wanted to know how the 'dog' survived. Chaos.

9 Nubs of Doom

Think about another gir..

Zim creates Minimoose to replace GIR. But Minimoose turns out to be just as useless as GIR.

Credit for pic goes to Sarah--S on DeviantArt.

10 Simon Says "Doom"

Credit for pic goes to Spectra22 on DeviantArt.

The Contenders

11 Invader Poonchy
12 When Pants Ruled

This one would have been similar to the Jimmy Neutron episode 'When Pants Attack'. It has now been released as issue #8 of the new Invader Zim comics! Who knows? Maybe the other unaired episodes will be made into comics someday. I sure hope so!

13 It Feeds on Noodles
14 Those!
15 Roboparents Gone Wild
16 Squishy: Hugger of Worlds
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