Top 10 Unanswerable Questions

The Top Ten Unanswerable Questions

1 What is the meaning of life?

Whatever you want it to be. - saturatedsunrise

Life is happiness and success

2 Where did everything come from?

Things don't come from some where, they are created, be it a single cellular organism to humans from trees to plastic - satya85

Heck, even people who believe in god could just ask this question.

It magically appeared. - saturatedsunrise

Your mom.

3 What happens after we die?

You go in your grave. - saturatedsunrise

So mysterious. I hope we're just free to wander the world with other deceased people in peace.

I think I know. If you're good, you go to Heaven. If you're bad, you go to Hell & become Satan's slave.

You come back as something else later 😎😎😎

4 Exactly how long will I live?

Long enough

4 centuries. - saturatedsunrise

Your I dunno about...8... Tee... Thousand? I dunno no one knows not even the smartest person in the world!... George bush (sarc)

5 Are there other beings out there?

Maybe they are being created like we were a few million years ago - satya85

Yeah, people live. - saturatedsunrise

Yes there is. It's a fact. The universe is so big that there has to be another solar system out there with a planet that is about in the same place as our planet, allowing there to be life forms. And there's so many galaxies at that. I don't believe in UFOs, though.

Of course not but our scientists must work harder and harder to prove that. - Alexandr

6 How big is the universe?

big enough to fit in everything

10 miles. - saturatedsunrise


7 Is time travel possible?

Yes. Technically you are traveling through time right now, and that time becomes your past.

2019 brings whole new options

Not in 2018. - saturatedsunrise

8 Does God exist?

Of course God exists. No debates here. If you wanna see real facts about it then visit the site "God exists". I have no time to write all the facts/details about it - Alexandr

Well, not in my beliefs. - saturatedsunrise

People often confuse god as person with powers, but if you consider god as nature then yes god is present It is he who creates things(everything around us), it is he who destroys things(natural calamities) and also repairs them(bacteria). - satya85

9 If God made everything who made God?

he is a mere spirit the was created with the universe its self

God is an unending and non-beginning being, he always was and always will be, he just is, as humans we can't understand this but were not meant to

Well to be honest, I think it's because of the birds & the bees. When his mother & father love each other very much, they have sex & he comes out of his mother's belly.

Yeah that is what I sometimes wonder... Like really I need to know the answer to that question... Reaqlly do

10 Are we in the Matrix?

possible - satya85

I don’t know what that is. - saturatedsunrise

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? If tomatoes are fruits, why do we never put them in fruit salads?
? Do the numbers stop?

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11 Will there always be an answer?

Yes and no i.e the answer may to that particular question or may be leading to another - satya85

Yes, the answer is 17. - saturatedsunrise

12 Does our soul continue after death or is death the end?

I have a few doubts about this. For argument's sake let us consider that the soul does continue after death but every year the number of babies being born has been increasing rapidly so do new soul get created or not, based on this we may find out the answer. - satya85

These kinds of questions keep me awake at night,

This is a marvellous topic for discussion. You could talk for hours about it without getting bored. - Britgirl

13 If there are aliens, where are they?

We can't really say because we have't considered the possibility that they are still being created like life on earth was a few million years ago. - satya85

Galaxies too far away from us, no one seems to understand that, and thinks they have seen ufos. What if the word "alien" insulted them?

There aren’t. - saturatedsunrise

14 Can you travel faster than light?

No, but Freddie Mercury probably can. He travels at the speed of light! - Misfire

Can I travel: NO but is it possible maybe - satya85

No. - saturatedsunrise

15 What's the difference between living particles and dead?

There is no difference. - saturatedsunrise

16 Are viruses living or dead?

Almost all the viruses need a host to survive so yes they are alive when with the host and dead when there is no host - satya85

They don’t exist. - saturatedsunrise

17 Are the other earths?

No, if there was, they would at least have different names! - saturatedsunrise

18 Do ghosts exist?

You may not believe in them, but they believe in you. - Misfire


19 How did life start?

By Adam alayhiwsalam (A)

One day, a planet flew in outer space and it was Earth. - saturatedsunrise

20 What came first the chicken or the egg?

The chicken cause evolution is haywire and who else would lay the egg?

Nature keeps on evolving from single cellular organisms came multi-cellular organisms and from chimpanzees due to the evolution in their genes came humans, similarly due to the evolution in genes a chicken was born from the egg - satya85

I don't want to start an argument but egg came first because when 2 different species did sex an egg came out from which a chicken came out

The eggchicken. - saturatedsunrise

21 If we are all God's children, why did he favour Jesus?

Because Jesus is morally better than us

22 Will humans destroy themselves?

Possibly. - Misfire

No. - saturatedsunrise

23 How will the universe end?

One day, the sun will eventually explode. - saturatedsunrise

24 What is dark matter?

Dark matter is the alternate version of normal matter.
So death.

25 Why do girls have more cells than boys?

I didn’t know that was true. - saturatedsunrise

26 What is consciousness?

The state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings.

27 Why do we get déjà vu?

Who knows

28 Who were the first people on earth?

I think it’s Adam and Eve but if they had a child then who did the child have sex with and who did the kid share his cells with

29 What is our Purpose?

To live your life to the fullest. - Misfire

30 Why is there such thing as hell when God forgives everyone?

No one can answer that for me

31 Will the world ever end?

It probably will at some point, but hopefully, not within my lifetime. - saturatedsunrise

32 How many universes are there?
33 Can humans become gods?

I hope that I could. I would wipe out all incompatible lifeforms and recreate them to my preference.

34 Can you Cry Under Water

Crying is an emotional state where in we start shedding tears, but that doesn't not mean that you cannot be sad/ happy underwater and start shedding tears. Of course those tears would get mixed with water but still it does imply that we can cry underwater. obtained from Quora - satya85

35 Is evolution true?

I don't think evolution is true because.. I may agree that humans cam from monkeys but can anybody tell the evolution of every organism on earth? If so where did elephants come from? where did ants come from? Can you say that exactly?

36 Why do people sing Rock a bye baby to lull their kids to sleep when the song is about people putting their babies in trees and letting them fall to their death?

It means that...? - Misfire

37 How long is a piece of string?
38 If there is nothing faster than light then how did the dark get there first?

Because lamps were made duh!

39 What is God's Name?
40 How are people able to go to Heaven and come back?
41 Is there anything smaller than an electron, and is there anything bigger than the universe?
42 How big can a black hole get?
43 What are electron made of?
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