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1 What is the meaning of life?

Life is happiness and success

2 Where did everything come from?

Heck, even people who believe in god could just ask this question.

3 What happens after we die?

So mysterious. I hope we're just free to wander the world with other deceased people in peace.

I think I know. If you're good, you go to Heaven. If you're bad, you go to Hell & become Satan's slave.

4 Exactly how long will I live?

Your I dunno about...8... Tee... Thousand? I dunno no one knows not even the smartest person in the world!... George bush (sarc)

5 Are there other beings out there?

Yes there is. It's a fact. The universe is so big that there has to be another solar system out there with a planet that is about in the same place as our planet, allowing there to be life forms. And there's so many galaxies at that. I don't believe in UFOs, though.

Of course not but our scientists must work harder and harder to prove that. - Alexandr

6 How big is the universe?
7 Does God exist?

Of course God exists. No debates here. If you wanna see real facts about it then visit the site "God exists". I have no time to write all the facts/details about it - Alexandr

8 Are we in the Matrix?
9 Is time travel possible?
10 If God made everything who made God?

Well to be honest, I think it's because of the birds & the bees. When his mother & father love each other very much, they have sex & he comes out of his mother's belly.

Yeah that is what I sometimes wonder... Like really I need to know the answer to that question... Reaqlly do

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11 Will there always be an answer?
12 Does our soul continue after death or is death the end?

This is a marvellous topic for discussion. You could talk for hours about it without getting bored. - Britgirl

13 Can you travel faster than light?
14 If there are aliens, where are they?

Galaxies too far away from us, no one seems to understand that, and thinks they have seen ufos. What if the word "alien" insulted them?

15 Are viruses living or dead?
16 What came first the chicken or the egg?

I don't want to start an argument but egg came first because when 2 different species did sex an egg came out from which a chicken came out

17 What's the difference between living particles and dead?
18 Will humans destroy themselves?
19 Why do girls have more cells than boys?
20 If we are all God's children, why did he favour Jesus?
21 How did life start?
22 Are the other earths?
23 How will the universe end?
24 What is dark matter?
25 Why is there such thing as hell when God forgives everyone?

No one can answer that for me

26 Will the world ever end?
27 Do ghosts exist?
28 What is consciousness?
29 How many universes are there?
30 Can humans become gods?

I hope that I could. I would wipe out all incompatible lifeforms and recreate them to my preference.

31 Can you Cry Under Water
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1. If There Are Aliens ,Where Are They ?
2. Whats The Difference Between Living Particles And Dead?
3. Are Viruses Living Or Dead ?
1. Where did everything come from?
2. What is the meaning of life?
3. Does God exist?
1. What is the meaning of life?
2. Exactly how long will I live?
3. What happens after we die?


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