Top Ten Unanswered Questions About Kids TV Shows

Ever watched a cartoon or kids tv show and noticed a plot hole that just didn't make sense? Maybe you've seen something happen that logistically just isn't possible and watched the whole show unravel after. This is the place to point out those errors in scripting.

This list is only for TV shows and only for those shows aimed at kids (cartoons or live action).

The Top Ten

1 If there is only one female Smurf, and they all share the same father, where do the baby Smurfs come from?

I don't wanna think about it... - RiverClanRocks

This is disturbing... - RalphBob

Yeah! Unless Smurfette has sisters… - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Sisters would still be incest. But as there have never been any other females listed (other than Sassy who is still a child) I've gotta say this question has always haunted me too. - Finch

2 If G.I. Joe characters shoot futuristic laser guns, why do they still drive around WW2 Army vehicles?
3 Why does Voltron only pull out his sword when he's about to lose? Shouldn't that have been plan A?
4 Where are Max and Ruby's parents?

I wonder the same thing!

5 On Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, why do they have tiger skin drapes?

Unless...the citizens kill each other! - RiverClanRocks

6 How does SpongeBob create a fire underwater?
7 How can customers reasonably order drinks at the Krabby Patty since they are already underwater?
8 How does it rain on Bubble Guppies when it's set underwater?
9 How does Skeletor's jaw stay in place?
10 How does Gargamel know Smurfs are delicious? Has he eaten one before?

The Contenders

11 How does CatDog defecate?

I think everybody who has seen the shows has thought this. - RalphBob

12 Where are Ryder's parents in Paw Patrol

They died when they found out their son was working with Nickelodeon - Nirocart

13 How does Dora fit her shirt on with her giant head?
14 Why does Princess Morbucks want to be a Powerpuff Girl even though she hates them?
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