Top 10 Unanswered Questions from Cartoons


The Top Ten

1 What Is the Point of Having a Car If You Have to Run With Your Feet to Make It Go (The Flintstones)
2 What Would Happen If Someone Fell In the Jetson's World? (The Jetsons)

The Jetsons World is pretty much made up of just buildings that stand on something and everyone drives in flying cars whould a person who falls eventually hit something or just would just continually fall forever. - egnomac

If someone falls, it will land in China

3 Why Do Some Characters Always Wear Gloves?
4 What Happened to Zuko's Mother? (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
5 Why Does Wile E. Coyote Keep Buying Stuff from ACME If All the Products Backfire? (Looney Tunes)
6 How Can Marge and Homer Have a Wedding Video If They Got Married In a Small Chapel Outside the State Line? (The Simpsons Movie)
7 How Does CatDog Go to the Bathroom? (CatDog)

Neither of them have Butts or certain body parts plus They share one body. - egnomac

They shat on the belly, as some people do

8 How Does Peter Afford All the Crazy Stuff He Gets? (Family Guy)

Joe actually asks that very question in one of the episodes. - egnomac

9 What Ever Happened to D. W.'s Snowball? (Arthur)

They took the aliens did not see the episode

10 What Ever Happened to Arnold's Parents? (Hey Arnold)

They disappeared in the jungle of Guatemala

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