Most Unbelievable Moments In Sports

The Top Ten

1 Cal vs Stanford The Play
2 Dodgers vs A's Kirk Gibson's World Series walk off homer
3 Steelers vs Raiders The Immaculate Reception
4 Yankees vs Cubs Babe Ruth's called shot
5 Giants vs Patriots The helmet catch at Super Bowl XLII
6 1996 Olympics Kerri Strug's gold medal landing
7 Boston College vs Miami Doug Flutie's Hail Mary
8 Titans vs Bills Music City Miracle
9 Jimmy Connors vs Guillermo Vilas Connors's racket in the air
10 Boise State vs Oklahoma Statue of Liberty play

The Contenders

11 Eddie the Eagle
12 Miracle on Ice
13 Greece winning 2004's Eurocup
14 Santonio Holmes Touchdown In Superbowl
15 The Rally Squirrel
16 Japan beat South Africa in the Rugby World Cup 2015
17 Dee Gordon lead off home run the day after death of teammate Jose Fernandez
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