Best Unblack Metal Bands

Black Metal is the only type of metal that's actually Satanic. Therefore, there technically is no such thing as Christian Black Metal. But...apparently there is such thing, and it's called Unblack Metal. I've added a few bands that I like that are from the Unblack Metal scene. Maybe you know an Unblack Metal band that I've missed? I don't know, since I'm more of a Death Metalhead, but you add that band. Don't confuse it with a normal Christian Metal band, though.

The Top Ten

1 Horde

One of the most prominent Unblack Metal bands. Yes, this band DID piss off a heap of Black Metalheads, but go listen to it, it's actually really good. - Shadowheart

Majority of black metal bands aren't satanic.
SMH. - Ananya

When we describe something - we talk about it.
We don't speak relatively, that would be comparison then..

Your description wasn't valid, mate. - Ananya

2 Crimson Moonlight

Again, another prominent Unblack Metal band. They're heavy and symphonic at the same time, which in metal is a strange combination. - Shadowheart

3 Antestor

A band with Horde as its biggest influence, but Antestor really nailed Unblack Metal, they're amazing. - Shadowheart

4 Frost Like Ashes

An Unblack Metal band from the USA. Yes, they actually do corpse paint! And they have shredded a Satanic Bible on stage. They look like some regular Black Metal band, but what can I say? They're not. - Shadowheart

5 Sanctifica

Don't kill me. Sanctifica lasted for a VERY short time, but that doesn't make their music bad. In fact, it's awesome. - Shadowheart

6 Frosthardr

This band is kinda strange. It's Unblack Metal, but then have PUNK edges to them? But seriously, go look them up NOW. - Shadowheart

7 Slechtvalk

Okay, this ain't pure Unblack Metal, it also has Folk Metal edges. But so what? I guess they're an Unblack Folk Metal band. Boom, another metal genre. Wow. - Shadowheart

8 Vaakevandring

Vaakevandring played Unblack metal with keyboards and folk melodies added to it. Surprisingly, they were originally were supposed to be a typical Black Metal band. - Shadowheart

9 Admonish

The first Unblack Metal band from Sweden and one of the first Unblack Metal bands ever. They didn't release anything until 2005, so you'd think they were having trouble with making music. But they're still active. - Shadowheart

10 Hortor

An extreme Unblack Metal band. Apparently, the band name translated means "Animate". Their latest album came out in 2016. - Shadowheart

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