Top Ten Uncle Grandpa Episodes

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1 Tiger Trails

Even though this is the best episode in your eyes, Uncle grandpa is the worst show in my opinion. If it's the best episode, it's like the worst episode of a good show

2 Driver's Test
3 Jorts
4 Nickname

Nickname sucks! Even uncle grandpa stupid nickname is bobo. Maybe he got that nickname because he is broke or HAS NO LIFE

Cupcake is a stupid nickname

5 Afraid of the Dark

Uncle Grandpa is just really Likeale here. It was a really funny Episode and this Episode get a CAT VIDEO!

6 Big in Japan

This was a funny episode. Especially the ending. -

Mr. gus is about to be buried and is offended by uncle grandpa's speech about him!

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7 Uncle Grandpa Sitter
8 Internet Troll

The moral of this episode is very important, but there's only one negative side - BorisRule

9 Moustache Cream
10 Treasure Map

This episode is a rip off of the family guy episode "finders keepers" this show just sucks and has no thoughts of episodes

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11 Belly Brothers

Now this is the reason why I like this show

12 Funny Face
13 1992 Called

It would've been better if they went to 1942 in Germany and Japan.

14 Aunt Grandma
15 Sick Bag
16 Prank Wars

I love it

One of the best moments in this ep

17 Uncle Grandpa Shorts
18 More Uncle Grandpa Shorts
19 Ballin'
20 Tiger and Mouse
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