Top Ten Most Uncommon Names


The Top Ten

1 Jacob

Uncommon? - zxm

2 Trent

I've heard many names but never Trent, this is so first place.

This is a great name. Yet you rarely hear it. - nintendofan126

3 Brock

I have a friend named Brock. But this name is so uncommon. - nintendofan126

4 Kenny

If you name your son Kenny what are you going to name your other 3 sons? Stan Kyle and Eric. - nintendofan126

5 Lois

Somehow reminds me of The Giver - pApAsHiNy

This is a very nice girl name. it's rare to hear it nowadays. - nintendofan126

6 Chase

I think of this name more of a dog name. But it's still a very uncommon name. - nintendofan126

7 Felix

It's my name, but its meaning is ironic for me because of my mood. - truespongebobfan

The name of the most popular Youtuber - 445956

Felix is a nice name. WHY IT SO UNCOMMON!? - nintendofan126

8 Billy

If you have a girl what are you gonna name her? Mandy,. - nintendofan126

9 Clyde

When ever I think of this name. I think of PAC Man. - nintendofan126

10 Stanly

The Newcomers

? Zophar
? Eliphaz

The Contenders

11 Orion

If I had a son, this is the name I'd choose. It sounds so cool, original and has a nice touch to it.

Also, I'd be naming my son after a Metallica Instrumental :P. - CrimsonShark

12 Lily-Mae
13 Braden
14 Elliot
15 Trey
16 Marina
17 Winry

I love this name. My daughter is probably gonna be named Winry if I ever have one. And it's not just because of FMA. It means 'strong' and 'independent' as well. - Absolite

18 Cynder
19 Genevieve
20 Sekhmet
21 Balthazar
22 Zeus
23 Ulysses
24 Neville
25 Wren
26 Ren
27 Keanu
28 Bildad
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