Top Ten Most Uncommon Names


The Top Ten

1 Brock

I have a friend named Brock. But this name is so uncommon. - nintendofan126

2 Trent

I've heard many names but never Trent, this is so first place.

This is a great name. Yet you rarely hear it. - nintendofan126

3 Jacob

Uncommon? - zxm

4 Kenny

If you name your son Kenny what are you going to name your other 3 sons? Stan Kyle and Eric. - nintendofan126

5 Lois

Somehow reminds me of The Giver - pApAsHiNy

This is a very nice girl name. it's rare to hear it nowadays. - nintendofan126

6 Chase

I think of this name more of a dog name. But it's still a very uncommon name. - nintendofan126

7 Felix

It's my name, but its meaning is ironic for me because of my mood. - truespongebobfan

The name of the most popular Youtuber - 445956

Felix is a nice name. WHY IT SO UNCOMMON!? - nintendofan126

8 Billy

If you have a girl what are you gonna name her? Mandy,. - nintendofan126

9 Clyde

When ever I think of this name. I think of PAC Man. - nintendofan126

10 Stanly

The Newcomers

? Oholibamah

What? - Ashes

The Contenders

11 Orion

If I had a son, this is the name I'd choose. It sounds so cool, original and has a nice touch to it.

Also, I'd be naming my son after a Metallica Instrumental :P. - CrimsonShark

12 Lily-Mae
13 Braden
14 Elliot
15 Trey
16 Marina
17 Winry

I love this name. My daughter is probably gonna be named Winry if I ever have one. And it's not just because of FMA. It means 'strong' and 'independent' as well. - Absolite

18 Cynder
19 Genevieve
20 Sekhmet
21 Balthazar
22 Zeus
23 Ulysses
24 Neville
25 Wren
26 Ren
27 Keanu
28 Bildad
29 Eliphaz
30 Zophar
31 Clisby
32 Zygmund
33 Sigismundus
34 Bartholomew
35 Homer
36 Bart
37 Marge
38 Marjory
39 Lucretia
40 Georgiana
41 Callista
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