Top 10 Most Underappreciated Inventions

The end of the year is a popular time to publish lists of all sorts. Here are The Top 10 Most Underappreciated Inventions. The criteria for making this list are: 1. the invention has to be of high value, 2. we take it for granted; we just expect it to be there, and 3. it would be hard to imagine life without it; the substitute for the invention would be unacceptable.

The Top Ten

1 Eyeglasses

I would be blind!

2 Hair Color
3 Brakes
4 Smartphone

There is one main reason why smartphones are underappreciated. And that's a smartphone has always been seen as a cellular phone which has capabilities similar to a computer. The processing speed and power is similar to a computer, while it's a phone too. It was never seen as a unique invention, but a combination of cellular phone and computer. - Kiteretsunu

I've never seen a new technology become so widely adopted, so fast, and so quickly taken for granted as the smartphone. The iPhone started it all, and competitors immediately copied it to make the smartphone a ubiquitous part of our lives. People treat a smartphone as though it has been around forever. Kids know no other world than one with little handheld devices that do just about everything. Yet, this versatile invention integrates so many aspects of our lives that we would be lost without it - YanRocky

5 Currency
6 Keys
7 Roads
8 Calendars
9 Water Towers
10 Elevators

Elevators carry millions of people every day, yet we never think about the alternative to these old machines. They have been around since the ancient Romans, which may explain why Italy has the most elevators of any country - a whopping 900,000. We would all be living in a virtual flat land of low rise buildings, only tall enough to climb by stairs. And it's not just people that use elevators. Freight, vehicles, raw material, aircraft.. You name it. Most human made objects have been lifted up in the air with some form of elevator. - YanRocky

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11 The Wheel
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