Most Underappreciated Warrior Cats

All of the cats that people either forget or people either hate for no reason.

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Badgerfang Badgerfang is a Warrior Cats character that appears in Yellowfang's secret. He was a fluffy black kit with a white stripe running down his face.

Badgerfang was completely innocent, but that mousebrained leader Brokenstar sent him to battle. I really really hate Brokenstar.

poor 'lil guy, he was so young. Brokenstar, you LOUSY MOUSE-BRAINED FOX-DUNG!

He was just a kit when he died and was very brave. He doent get enough love!

Badgerfang, oh, Badgerfang... I miss you so much... why did you have to leave me like that? It's not fair. You were the most loyal warrior I'd ever known, and you were punished for it. It's just not fair! Why did you leave me so soon, Badgerfang? Why couldn't anyone save you? Why didn't Brokenstar wait until you were six moons to make you an apprentice, anyways? Because it was easier to send you into battle right away? Well, fox dung to that!


Runningwind is a really underappreciated character in Warriors. He didn't deserved to be killed.

Runningwind was an amazing cat, though he was too fast to get excited about RiverClan’s camp flooding XD

I cried so much when he got innocently killed by Tigerstar.

I always loved Runningwind. He was a great character, though a side character, but I still loved him. How could you not? I was really heartbroken when he was killed off by Tigerclaw.


I loved Goosefeather, his life was so hard, and he was haunted everyday but omens, visions and ghosts.

Goosefeather was awesome. I wish that people appreciated him more because he tried his hardest all the time and he was scared all the time. I mean, he could see dead cats!

he was aways called crazy, but he was a good medicine cat. he is a bit like my grandfather, just better language and not a medicine cat...

I hate Goosefeather, he made Crookedstar fall into the river and break his jaw then walk away like he did nothing. Then he denys that he made Crookedkit fall, and he lied and lied again. IDIOTIC GOOSEFEATHER TRYING TO KILL A KIT!


I really liked him even though he was a minor character, and I think he and Rosepetal would have been great together!

He would've been a good mate to Hollyleaf


He’s totally cool!


Ashfoot=SO underrated! She was probably one of my favorite she-cats.

I agree with Paint

A calm and collected cat. I think she would’ve made a fine leader for WindClan.


Brambleberry is definitely one of my favourite medicine cats.

She is so underrated! She was an amazing foster mother to Crookedkit, and she deserves to be more well known! She did an amazing job, and is all around such a kind and caring kit. I think more people should recognize her for what she's done.

She is my favorite medicine cat ever (besides Goosefeather). I think she really deserves some more attention for helping poor Crookedstar in his childhood. - Paint

4th fave med cat


We never really knew much about him, especially his childhood, but I loved him. He helped Firestar and Sandstorm when they came to fix SkyClan again. Skywatcher is great, and I hope we will one day get a super edition on him. - Paint

Who even is this


He wasn’t leader for very long in Yellowfang’s Secret, but I hated it when he died. I think he was a wise and fair leader, and I wish we could’ve known more about him. - Paint

Moth Flight

I hear all these warrior cat youtubers go on and on about these super editions.. but moth flight NEVER has been read (I think) or just ignored and pushed off onto the side when I would say it was one of my favorite books, why is she so UNDERRATED AND UNDERAPPRECIATEDED

She was literally the main character in one book.. Of course she is underappreciated.. -_-

I’m sure she’ll grow a bit more popular now that she has a super edition, but before literally /no one/ hardly knew who she was. I haven’t yet finished Moth Flight’s Vision, but her mother was just horrible to her! Glad she followed her heart. - Paint


Sunstar was a great leader and an excellent mentor to Bluestar. I hope he was her mother.

I loved his character, and how he treated Bluestar like she was his kit.

Sunstar was such a great leader. So loyal to Bluestar, if only stupid Pinestar had properly retired from his duty so Sunstar would get his 9 lives. Besides Crookedstar, Sunstar would definitely be my mate.

He was amazing. No other words. He loved Moonflower and hated to see Stormtail ignore both Moonflower, Goosefeather, Bluestar, and Snowfur. It also has been proven Sunstar loved Moonflower, and thought of Bluestar and Snowfur as his daughters. It’s too bad he died in only one book!

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He is just my favourite Tom-cat. Sorreltail is lucky to have him, and he's lucky to have her.

I love Bracky. He was very brave. I kinda hoped he became leader one day... :/

He is one of the most deserving cats to be a leader. Without him, ThunderClan would have been attacked by Tigerclaw without warning and Fireheart probably would have died.

He's just a downright boring cat. He does completly nothing through out the series o_0

Ravenpaw Ravenpaw is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. He's a skinny, jet-black tom with a small white dash on his chest, greens eyes and a long, thing white tipped tail. He is shy, jumpy and nervous more.

He is pretty bouncy they say he is cute he even caught a adder! how intelligent!

this young tom-cat should've had a better mentor. like the prophecy said, Tigerstar should have died, not lived.

No reason, He's just adorable, personality wise and Barley x Raven is amazing. Uh I Don't know what else ;w; I love him

ravenbae all the way!


To be honest, I hate things like this. What kind of name is Starstarkit? I find it very annoying, and I have no idea why this is on here.

Best cat, How can no-one not like them!? They can even hear you breathing.

Starstarstar has rainbow fur 500000 mates, rainbow eyes and is the leader of StarstarstarClan.
Deputy: Deputydeputy
Kits: Kitkit[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]
Apprentice: Pawpaw
ye I love this cat even if he's fake.


Brambleclaw and Ashfur don't deserve this beautiful she-cat. she is just to good for them. she is strong, brave, young, kind, and the best she-cat I know.

She’s one of the best! Brave, determined, strong. She isn’t afraid to stand up to the clan leaders when she believes they’re wrong.

Squirrelflight isn’t like the other leaders. She optimistic, outspoken, and really fierce, but also loyal and determined to prove herself on the quest. Don’t think she’s underrated though, but she would make a great leader!

Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

I think she loved all of her kits, she was just horrified by what happened to Brairlight, and maybe snapped at Blossomfall because of how exhausted and afraid she was.

Millie gets WAY TO MUCH HATE! It's not like she didn't love blossomfall, and at least she didn't hate her injured kit like crookedkits stupid ma!

Yes, we're here.

Better than silverstream


she wanted to find a way to stay a warrior. Brightheart, her sister, got to be a warrior, why couldn't they find another way for Cinderpelt?

Cinderpelt was a great medicine cat and will always be one of my favorites. She died like a warrior trying to protect Sorreltail, and even though she will be missed I wish she was still around in the books. Not as Cinderheart but just as herself. Cinderpelt was such a good cat 3>

She was wonderful! She had to give up everything yet she didn’t complain once. - Featherstream

I love Cinderpelt. She was always so caring, and so loyal, no matter how many times life kicked her in the face. She never gave up on anything, and she was able to accept her leg injury, instead of whining about it all the time, and she was so passionate, first about being a warrior, then about helping Yellowfang, and then about becoming a medicine cat.
You know someone's a good character when they're getting praise from Yellowfang.


his parents would fight in front of him, and he was always left to watch them fight, I'm a fan of this amazing cat, who deserved much better than what he has.

Breezy deserved more love...


He’s the sweetest cat ever, I don’t know if I ship him and Bluestar or Oakheart and Bluestar, I love both ships.

I really liked how Thrushpelt cared so much for Bluefur/star’s kits, even though they weren’t his. He has a real heart of gold.

cookie boi


Aw, Fernsong...

I don’t know I this is talking about ivypool’s mate or not, but if so I think fernsong is awesome! He is super underrated.

Hawkfrost Hawkfrost is a villain character from the Warriors series. Hawkfrost is a brown tabby tom with ice-blue eyes. Hawkfrost was a former Riverclan warrior and member of the Dark Forest.

I liked Hawkfrost, and he was probably one of my favorite evil cats.

he didn't ask for his father to be Tigerstar, did he? But he did choose to follow his fathers footsteps, which I agree was a pretty fox-dung choice.

I know not many people like him but, he’s my fave, and I miss him! Stupid brambleclaw! please comment if u agree with me!

I agree Brambleboi sucks


Omg Echomist is so underrated! She was so kind and caring for Crookedkit (Star) and was overall a great cat!

She’s kindhearted and caring. She was a great foster mother to Crookedkit. She did more for him then Rainflower ever did! - Featherstream

From Crookedstars Promise. You all see these maps with different characters, but not once have I seen one for Echomist!


He's very overrated, I don't know why he's on here. He is 31 though, so..
His personality is so obnoxious and the whole stupid JayxStick this isn't funny or "cute". Yeah, of course, people like him and OF COURSE, people hate him. There is no character in Warrior Cats that everyone likes or everyone hates. It's just the way it is.

He is the fourth liked character (According to this website, the TopTens.) But a BUNCH of people say he is overrated. That is not true, I feel. Sure, a lot of people like him, but a lot of people hate him. Give him some love.


Toadstep was a bit annoying as a kit, but as he grew, he developed into a fine cat who would obey and never be swollen by self-pride. He was just amazing.

River Ripple (star)

He was wise and calm. He contributed A LOT to the clans with the whole mentoring idea. I want to learn more about his past, so a super edition for him is *cough* NECESSARY.

Reason being because River was a really calm and wise character. He was like Whitestorm and Tallstar combined into one. He showed nobility and wisdom throughout the 5th series, even coming up with the mentoring apprentices idea.Those are two examples We first see him in DoTc, and in Thunderstar's Echo as a bonus scene. I think he deserves either a novella or even better, a super edition. It would be cool if we learnt more about his past with his mentor Arc and the Cats of the Park, including his friendship with Night. Cats like River Ripple should be appreciated more.


I love shadow stars novella and personally think that quick water and shadow star are amazing characters.

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