Most Underappreciated Warrior Cats

All of the cats that people either forget or people either hate for no reason.

The Top Ten

1 Badgerfang Badgerfang

Agreed. I wish he had lived longer.

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2 Runningwind

I always loved Runningwind. He was a great character, though a side character, but I still loved him. How could you not? I was really heartbroken when he was killed off by Tigerclaw. - Paint

3 Goosefeather V 1 Comment
4 Foxleap

Definitely! - Astralium

He was an amazing background character, and I wish we could’ve seen more of him. Too bad he died in the Great Battle! - Paint

5 Ashfoot V 1 Comment
6 Brambleberry

She is my favorite medicine cat ever (besides Goosefeather). I think she really deserves some more attention for helping poor Crookedstar in his childhood. - Paint

7 Skywatcher

We never really knew much about him, especially his childhood, but I loved him. He helped Firestar and Sandstorm when they came to fix SkyClan again. Skywatcher is great, and I hope we will one day get a super edition on him. - Paint

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8 Cedarstar V 1 Comment
9 Moth Flight V 1 Comment
10 Sunstar V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Millie V 1 Comment
12 Toadstep
13 Hopekit

Poor kittens. Didn't deserve to die so early.

14 Starstarstar
15 Waspfur
16 Hillflower
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