Top 10 Underground Folk Metal Bands

Here are bands that leave me stumped on why they're not famous

The Top Ten

1 Svartby

Using some very combos of instruments (Accordion, Clarinet, and vibraphones) these guys are insanely epic, definitely one of my favourite bands and am excited to hear what they release next.
Favourite song: Scum from underwater
Country: Russia

2 Whispered Whispered

Almost too awesome to be an underground band, these guys use the ancient Japanese them to base their band. It's a wonder how they can afford to produce such epic material on what I believe would be self paid for.
Favourite song: Fallen Amaterasu
Country: Finland

3 Mongol

Using the Mongolian empire as their base for lyrics, they bring brutal riffs, beautiful symphonic tunes, and epic ancient folk to the stage. A band definitely worth checking out
Favourite song: Chosen by Tengri
Country: Canada

4 Trollgasm
5 Satanakozel

These guys have some of the coolest tunes out there, incorporating tuba and Accordion, you're definitely in for a treat.
Favourite song: Banja
Country: Russia

6 Nine Treasures
7 Skymir

These guys known as the "Black metal cowboys" sound exactly what they're referred to, and it sounds awesome!
Favourite song: Horse Drawn Carriage
Country: Canada

8 Der Galgen

These guys incorporate Violin and Accordion, and it sounds awesome!
Favourite song: Die tochter des böses
Country: Russia

9 Midvinterblot
10 Troll Gnet El

While they might not classify as folk "metal" to some, they're definitely worth checking out
Favourite song: Kamarinskaya
Country: Russia

The Contenders

11 Wolfhorde

These guys have great riffs, brutal vocals, and great folk elements that will keep you banging your head
Favourite song: Trollfolk
Country: Finland

12 Equilibrium Equilibrium Equilibrium is a German folk metal band. The band's music combines elements of folk music, power metal, black metal and symphonic metal with various other influences.

These people are really good at mixing folk metal with symphonic black metal. Check them out if you haven't.

13 Svartsot
14 Grimner
15 Forefather
16 Skyforger Skyforger
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