Top 10 Underground Indian Rappers

THIS list Is for Those Rappers That Sound Good but didn't have a Chance in Music Industry because of Financial Problems. Now we want to See Music Industry ke unko Talent Ki pehchan Hai ya Bas FIRST IN FIRST OUT vaalI baat hai..

The Top Ten

1 HeRo RaPsta

HeRo is a Indian Rapper from Bhatinda (Punjab), Knowledge and lyricism, HeRo not just a Rapper.
He knows brings discussions, He did that with hip hop is dead and the untitled album
He gives you something to think about. He knows the history of hip hop and gives a strong answer to commercial rappers of today..
He Done Real Struggle but not successful yet because of Financial Problem.

2 Shubhendra Dragon Boy

He is A Gangsta Rapper from Kanpur, and Sang Many Songs in his life, we can search Anywhere on Internet, THE REAL BASS ON HIS SOUND, THAT HAD NEVER HEAR BEFORE.
Artist Contact: +91 8090561933

3 Emiway Bantai

He is the best rapper of the world not only in India but he has rocked the whole world in every song...

Emiway is the best inspiring underground rapper of the world he is the king of rap

Emiway Bantai is a phenominal rapper. He is talented at the point. He is very fast at his beat and his music is insane
No one can beat him
Probably the best rapper I have heard after honey singh and now the favourite.
Machayenge...! 🤘🤘

Emirates tune hip hop Mai koi respect nai karta
Kabhi Delhi Facebook bro

4 Divine

Most inspiring rapper ever

Divine is the best of all

Love you divine bhai

Big fan bro I have one request to you make one song for India to come Dubai employee’s

5 Naezy

His lyrics amazing and

He is rap god of india

Naezy should be on no1

No. 1 from south side

6 Muhfaad

I meet muhfaad and he is very down to earth guys with nice friendly nature

7 Raga

He is one of the sickest lyricist in underground scene in recent time
His voice is very dope and attracted as a rapper.

Talented man Raga Very Very Good Rapper

Heart touching rap

Why he is not in the list.i think he is 2nd best underground rapper

8 Toofaan

He is amazing rapper I have heard him
Awesome flow and lyrics

9 Mc Stan

Great flow
Great lyrics!

I'm Your Very Big Fan

Great lyrics

Love his rap

10 Raftaar

Ye banda chutiya hai

Literally banda mauke bhi dilata hai aur dhokhe bhi khata hai

Best rapper

Multi talented

The Contenders

11 Rapper SAM
12 Kr$na

He started Rapping in 2008
He is lyrically genius
He is known by his brutality in his diss

Brutal and intelligent lyrics

Best rapper

lyrically insane.

13 Dino James

Just focus on his Lyrics, you can understand why he is best..And amazing

I think he is the best inspirational rapper of all the times in India
please give him a number in top ten rappers
Thank you

14 Koh

lyrically genius

Yeh Banda Bahut Underrated Hai

15 Agam Rapper

He is a Punjabi Rap Artist working in an Indian Hip Hop
Crew "Street Boyzz". He write lyrics Himself and make them
Flow with funky beats made by our very own SBR
Productions. He is very passionate about Rap music..
Artist Contact: +91 8699500573

16 Red

Awesome Sound

17 Pardhaan

Pardhaan is hindi/haryanvi rapper.

I think his rap lyric is better than badshah,raftaar,yo yo honey singh and etc.

The inventor of desi hip hop bohemia are also
Fan of Pardhaan

18 M-Zee Bella

Deepak Singh aka M Zee Bella is one of the most famous underground rapper and is also the winner of MTV hustle. He is a pure Hindi rapper and has got praised by many big artists on MTV hustle.

Lyrically insane

19 V Dedha
20 Addy Nagar

Bro you are best your lyrics are superb
You are a creative dude

21 Mudit K. David

He's the newest rapper... Awesome lyrics... Could have been. Better if video quality is been bettr...

22 MC Altaf

Love his rape

23 Fotty Seven
24 FireShield

Came to this level in just 1 year
Managing his studies along with his rap all by himself
He might not be best but he will

25 RV Pandit

He's new indian underground rapper.
Rv pandit a Hindi punjabi & haryanvi rapper. He's best rapper and writer

He's Indian new rapper
Best rapper underground artist

RV Pandit is underground artist

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