Top 10 Underground Native American Rappers

Native American independent music artists who possess talent marketable to the global music industry.

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1 Halfsmoked

Him and his Wife are a great duo!

His name "Halfsmoked" is what his Grandpa used to call him while he was growing up, he went by a different name for a while. To honor his Grandpa who we lost in 2000 he started going by "Halfsmoked" I think it's a great way to honor and show respect for his Grandpa who by the way was also a great singer. Keep up the good work son! ~ A lifetime fan... Mom

Yup, yup, yup he is the king... Very awesome and inspiring to a fellow artist of poetry of 17 years with one published and elite statues first time out n them askin me for more but I'm picky n money issues I'm also an inventor along with many other arts I do and learn, never thought of doing music with my poetry til recently, music has been a part of me since childhood when I grew up part of my life in a band, I have just done it as a means to relax, release, n express myself... Halfsmoked is truly an inspiration to all... Would love to see him at an awards ceremony some time he deserves it

Lovin you beats and thetracks you and Damize be droppin reppin Ak

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2 Kaz West

Kaz West is an inspirational Artist with talents that exceed what his peers are capable of producing. I have been a fan for a long time and each new project has shown his elevation into the music business. His greatest quality lies within his humbleness.

Very lyrical, and his style can switch at a moment's notice... He can do the street stuff, as well as the radio friendly type music

Kaz has come a long way... Very proud of ma lil bro! He speaks truth, loyalty, and life! Nothing but the real.

Truly one of a kind check his music and talent out for yourself... - Kaz-West

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D-Hog represents, Delivers, And finishes.

Check out this Cherokee! Beastly bars!

All original beats all original rhymes

Great kid... I'm older and still love what he does.

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4 Luscious

Shes alright. Native Nicki Minaj/Lady Gaga

The Most Beautiful voice in the Native Hip Hop Game Today!

She has an awesome voice!

She good take time listen to her music

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5 Smooth Reign

A title well deserved! I was taken aback at the quality and variety of songs this group offers. I'd say that there is something for every listener in this group's cache of songs.

Underground Hip Hop group is an understatement. This group has a different style that I can't seem 2 place them or compare them 2 some1 else. Thumbs up!

Added these guys on Facebook. Good group of guys. I left a comment and they were quick to personally respond and were very professional and well spoken. I hope these guys get the chances they seek.

Just found out about these guys!

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6 Redcloud

Diversity and non stop hit making. Topped most native hip hoppers love heard.. will always be a big fan.

Keep voting for this guy. You all know he's the best.

The best of the best. Most well rounded Rapper.

This list isn't right. Number one native right here!

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7 StenJoddi

Pretty dope native rapper

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8 Indigenous V 1 Comment
9 Northkut

The mix of the group with their styles are astounding! They work together daily whether they're in town or not with technology increasing nothing will stop them! Shout out to Big E with few singles he's got out there keep it coming guys!

Best rap sounds all around by a native group

Love it : )


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10 Nightshield

The Contenders

11 Chase Manhattan

Can always make me move, love em.

12 JD Halkini

Think he is a true native rapper and raps on how he feels about the true Rez...

Very few, if any... Can rap in their Native language and JD brings it like no other

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13 War Party

Canadian hip hop group.

14 Saving Damsels
15 Rollin
16 JoJo Pierre Hammer

Amazing flow and VERY deep lyrics

Awesome flow! Check his music out on SoundCloud!

Go find him on SoundCloud! His music is awesome!

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17 PozLyrix

Dope ash album yo,... International attention, reppin both cultures chi native chi hip hop!

Poz holds it down for Chicago and the midwest, Bad River to StandingRock.

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18 Que Rock the Brave

Albums called Smoke Signals. Available on iTunes This is the Toronto Bronx Native. Rawest emcee bboy writer out by a long shot.

Que Rock is also known as The Toronto Bronx Native. Videos on YouTube are "ghost dance" "52 hands" "broken native English " "Indian jive" just to name a few. Reppin the mighty Zulu Kingz and Ready To Rock Crew.

Phenominal lyracist if you haven't heard him listen peep him on youtube real hip hop

19 G-Six

Found out about him from a song called native unity

20 Mato
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