Top Ten Underground Rappers of 2013

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21 Joey Badass Joey Badass Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, better known by his stage name Joey Badass, is an American hip hop recording artist and actor.

I'm not sure how this guy is all the way back at 21... He should be top 3, for sure top 5, and definitely top 101?!?

Amazing lyrics to his raps. Has a great flow.

How is this guy not number one listen to longlivesteelo survival tactics anything by him is strait fire waves unorthodox enter the void!

22 A$AP Ferg A$AP Ferg

Had a good song Work, which I liked a lot and has had some good collaborations -

23 Earl Sweatshirt

Young! Unreal! Dark! Amazing flow

24 Brother Ali

Has a message to every song.

25 Scoopastar

The industry sleeping on him he is top 10 without even trying

26 Danny Brown

His album "old" was on many lists for album of 2013. Danny Brown has an insanely unique voice and raps between a mixture of fun and real lyrics. Recommend the songs "25 bucks" and "Grown up" to anyone.

27 L-tido
28 Caskey

Lyrical genius, he will be the next bigger rapper. A very real rapper who is humble and puts the fans first

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29 Pusha T Pusha T V 1 Comment
30 Chidlish Gambino

He has not been noticed enough, his new album will be good thougt

31 Logic Logic V 1 Comment
32 Moufy

Twist it and light it

33 Xavier Wulf
34 Meco Nace
35 Phora
36 PozLyrix
37 Brotha Lynch Hung

Besides Lynch, C-BO, WC there has been not many hood cats puttin it down any more. That is what rap is about, telling it like it is. None of these fake wannabee's these days can touch them, but that's what we have at the top of the list unfortunately, Allot of industry suckers not deserving of any repect. For skill on rap they do but not for street, and street is everything.

38 Euro

Has a solid flow top 15 for sure

39 R.A. The Rugged Man
40 Rhoadust
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