Top Ten Most Underrated 311 Songs


The Top Ten

1 Lose

This song is very haunting and beautiful. - Pony

2 Golden Sunlight

An underrated, amazing song from an awesome album. - Pony

3 Plain

This song is like 311 on steroids- it is pure craziness. - Pony

4 Jackolantern's Weather

This song is catchy and fun, yet people don't really talk about this song. - Pony

5 Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm

Another beautiful song that doesn't get enough cred. - Pony

6 Whiskey and Wine

The album is already underrated, and so is this song. - Pony

7 Life's Not a Race

A relaxing little ditty that not many people talk about. - Pony

8 Nix Hex

This has this Chili Peppers-esque feel to it, but not many people talk about this song. - Pony

9 Jupiter

A song about... well space. - Pony

10 Leaving Babylon

This is actually a Bad Brains cover. - Pony

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