Hidden Gems #26 War of the Monsters

htoutlaws2012 What do you get with giant monsters taking each other down in an all out brawl, as well destroy the arena that is the forgotten War of the Monsters on the Playstation 2. What is it like well my first exposure would be on one of those Jampack demo discs when they were still around.

(Puts in the disc)

The opening looks really great even for PS2 standards this looks good even for 2003. In the menu you have 1 player, 2 player, option, load previous session, and unlocks which I find very interesting. You have 3 modes to select from Adventure (the main story), free-for-all (exhibition), and endurance (survival of every monster in the game). Speaking of monsters there are 10 in total you can play as all with different abilities, and background origins. The story mode does get difficult near the end when you eventually face the boss of the game which reminds me of fighting a spider mastermind from Doom. throughout the game will be up to at best 3 other monsters to defeat sometimes you'll be against the odds at a 2 to 1 deficient. In the every area will have energy, and stamina to pick up every time your on verge of extinction. The game is very generous when you do may have to die sometimes just to complete a certain hard area of the adventure. my initial thoughts on the whole 1950's look made me think of quite a number of things War of the Worlds meets Godzilla meets Rampage all mixed into one game. There are special attacks in red that are very helpful in taken down any monster in the way damage them real good its best to get those items before your adversary finds it, and obliterates you. After you have proved to be the last monster standing you must battle all alone against the aliens who look to take over the world while leaving you captive, and dead. Now we come back to the spider mastermind of the whole game whose name is Cerebulon, destroyer of worlds which i'll admit of I've heard in almost anything sci-fi related. After you have defeated the main antagonist you get a final cutscene of the monster you beat em with. Another thing to note is everytime you replay the adventure mode is that you got to keep playing if you want everything unlocked from skins attire to new monsters.

(Final thoughts)

For game that has a lot of inspired 1950's film innovation it does have some aspects that make it originally from those concepts. I mean to put in why I think they way I do the ending reminds me a lot like War of the Worlds, the people running away in a strange way of looking at it, and rampage is obvious due to the fact yes you can go on top of buildings, and also you could destroy the buildings so you could also do anything in that sense. the controls at first even back when I was younger I was confused, but eventually picked it up right away. This is a game I say give a shot if your into monsters go for it, but if your casual, and not very sure of it by all means maybe this will help clear up the general rating.... of a 8.5 out of 10.